Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Westward Bound!

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I am currently awaiting a call back from Disneyland to confirm our reservations for April!  Eep!  I am hoping to get us all in the Properties of Motion class, which is ALL about roller coasters and how they work.  It will be 3-4 days before someone calls according to the online forms I had to fill out, they only offer the class 6 times a year, so there's a limited amount of slots.  We are also signed up for Animation classes, with their 3-day homeschool pass, you can take 2 classes!  I am sure we can get everything done with that time frame, Disney World has 4 parks and 2 water parks and is 47 square miles.  Disneyland has 2 parks and covers 1 square mile.  It will be nice not to walk our feet totally off!  I have heard DL is more crowded.

There are lots of things that are the same- Soarin', Pirates, Splash Mountain and Space Mountain to name a few (and Small World, Jake is SO excited not to miss that one) but there are lots of different things, a Ferris wheel, the Matterhorn, different coasters, the castle.  I know they seem similar, but the castle at DL is open-you can go all through it and see the rooms.  Eep!  I really hope this works out, we were all bummed to not get to go this fall to Disney World.  We are still holding out for 2013!  : )  I think it would be great to go to DL for a couple days though, like returning to the Mothership.  hahaha! 

The trip is falling into place, I routed and budgeted the driving part at least and have a good idea where we will be each night.  The $$ budget is still high, no matter what I move around, it still takes a few thousand to get 5 people all the way to California and back.  I am so excited about getting Matt and the kids out to new lands.  I can't wait for us to be in the desert, it's so different from everything here.

In other news, our internet provider has upgraded our local tower and everything seems to be running MUCH better!  I am feeling pretty upbeat and good these days, mainly because I have been avoiding making a list of things that REALLY need to be fixed/replaced.  We are headed toward birthday season, then Christmas and I still need to get the rest of the house painted and save for the trip and get Chandler's braces paid off so I can get started on Ben's.  Okay, good mood slightly diminished.  *sigh*  Life, WHY must you get in the way of my Mickey Mouse? 


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