Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beach, Baby!

We had a very quick beach visit, just to be sure it-and the sun-were still out there in the Universe.
Here are a handful of pics, the rest are at the camping website.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Part 2

On the way home:

Ah, nothing like a view with...power lines.

If you squint, you can see the aquarium!

The Craven House

View from the launch point of the Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding.

We stopped in Mentone at the Log Cabin Deli

Sunset over the river


On Saturday, we had enough being home and decided to head out to do something.

We talked over options and decided the Aquarium had several advantages-it's close, it's indoors and since we have a pass, it's free.  Even though we have been many times, it's always relaxing to see all the fish and there is always something new to see, even in the same exhibits.
Afterward, we planned to go to the Chattanooga Nature Center, I even checked their website to be sure they had winter hours.

We got to Chattanooga around 10:30 a.m. their time, got a parking spot right behind the Aquarium for $3 for 4 hours (2 hour increments, Matt ran down to plug the meter again as we left the River side)

My favorite thing at the Aquarium!
Sea dragons don't eat people.

Chan's favorite critter.
These guys were REALLY active Saturday!

Ah, sunlight filtered through water.

Hey y'all!

You can see this little inset from the walkway on the other side.
So the kids held Ben up, who pretended to be drowning and trying to attract help from behind the glass.

This is a four-eyed turtle

These are moss frogs.

Oh, snack-necked turtle.  Gives me the willies!

Look at the one on the left, snoozing away under the heat lamp.
The kids often discuss what animal they would like to be.
I have to say, a turtle in a big, safe enclosure with a heat lamp and a buddy does not seem like a bad choice...


This guy played for us as we looked at the turtles, double cool!
I can see my van from here!
Between buildings, Matt headed down to pay the parking meter.

There is a great joy in seeing butterflies while there is snow on the ground.

Ben loves penguins!

Upside-down jellyfish
They have these in Cayman!

This is what the kids want me to make for them to sleep in at home.
I'll get RIGHT on that, kiddos!

Oh no! Shark Attack in the gift shop!