Monday, September 22, 2014


That's the sound effect of the sunbeam that is bursting through the clouds of oppression to strike me with its warm, glowy light of redemption.  Or maybe just things are falling into place and I am not one to just let that happen without throwing some appreciation out into the Universe.

First, let's admire some graffiti that Katy did for me while Out West:

I realize I was AT her house while she was gone, but knowing someone was thinking of me makes me feel warm and glowy because, I am a dork that way.  :)

Someone else was thinking of me that SAME day and it was likely not with graffiti love thoughts.  Sammy fixed that busted corner on Poppy and she's good as...she was.  hahaha, I can't say 'new' because that was 17 years ago and she's showing some wear.  But she's good to go and in fact is back here all popped up and getting ready to get loaded for Disney.  There's an ant problem at the moment, Sammy got rid of most of them, but there are stragglers I am NOT taking them to the Happiest Place on Earth.   Still, for being parked closed up for over a year with just a flappy tarp, a few sugar ants and some spider webs are almost the very least awful thing that could have happened.

I ordered a new tent anyway, so the boys could sleep in it, our family tent is over a decade old and has more than one hole 'sealed' with Gorilla Tape and the zipper is pretty random about working.  It was time to retire it.  This one is the same size, but with more weather protection features for rain, the forecast for the trip looks horrific.  Words like 'torrential' 'heavy' 'downpour' and 'steady' in reference to rain along with the usually 50/50 afternoon t-storm chance you get in Florida any time it's over 80.  Scattered with 75% and more chances of rain like the aforementioned. I am starting to worry I blew money on water park passes when we likely won't be swimming anywhere other than the parking lots.  :(   Still, nonrefundable means I can either sulk or hope for the best.  Or give my ticket to someone else named Esther and stay home and miss everything.

Nearly everything we ordered for the trip is in, final deliveries will be in by Friday, I have started packing-and unpacking.  I always bring too much.  Kurt ordered some batteries I needed with his Prime account to be sure they will arrive in time.

It's happening!

Chan went with us to walk Richard Martin on Friday and we used our Belle Chevre groupon before that expired.  It's pronounced Bell Shev.  I got into it with someone about that.

The healthy glow of me able to walk more than 3 miles!

I love one lane roads, we found this one out geocaching.

Our new tent!  It's HUGE!
Jake was in a bad mood for some reason. 

Ben, taking a selfie while helping  me take a LOAD of stuff to recycle and for goodwill.
Our first meeting for the filming:  

Oh my gosh, Inde is so adorable!
She and Chandler are such big buddies, it's funny to look for one or the other-the way moms count heads periodically-and they are always together.

I think they talked movie plans for about 10 minutes, but we ended up hanging out from just after 1 until nearly 8.  I love long blocks like that to be with friends and not have to rush.

Ben's braid!
He and Emma are going to host the Child vs Wild series, maybe they can be hair twins, too!

In other good news, I had the van all checked out and it's good to go, I got new tires last month and the power steering was giving me fits and that's been fixed-ever thankful for Beth and her patience with my budget.  Just need an oil change later this week and we are all set!  Loving this cooler weather, I have on my robe!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I hate that Bass song.  I get that it's SUPPOSED to be empowering, but at the end of the day here are the facts:

Chandler is a "Skinny Bitch".  She got that way via good genes, being in an active family, the fact that she is careful what she eats and she bikes or runs several times a week.  She IS a size 2. I have never seen her 'shake it shake it'.  I have never heard her say anything disparaging about heavier girls.

It does nothing to promote being healthy no matter your size.

The only time it mentions a large size being 'okay' it's followed immediately by the assurance that boys will still want you for sex!

Street Worth=Self Worth, Girls.  Don't you forget it!

The girl who sings it is NOT a big girl.

Okay, I can go on, but I will stop there.  I will say that I think Colbie Caillat does a MUCH better job promoting a healthy self-image with Try

That line 'you don't have to give it all away' needs to be shouted from the top of every roof.  THAT'S what girls need to hear, not that they are fuckable, but that they are worthwhile as they are.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Moreshrooms and a Fire Tower

Took another hike with Matt this afternoon, we did about 3 miles, hiking to the fire tower and then back along the South Plateau Loop.

I did not see the 'face' on this one until I got back, I was going to delete the shot because it's blurry, but decided it was too cute.  


Lots of mountain bikes, I think I got more exercise jumping off the trail than I did hiking.

Heading back tomorrow to talk to the ranger before running to the house to drop off some of our stuff and check on the dogs on the way to dance.  We 'move back' home Friday morning!  I am going to miss being able to run to the pool every day!

Ben's hair, eep!  It's so curly, it does not look like it's that long.

Long hair and GIGANTIC lips.  hehehehe
This photo horrified him (it's his mustache!), but he only let me take TWO of him looking at the camera and the other one blurred.  It's going up.

I will miss the pool, but I want to get home and get some things done and I know the dogs are tired of being alone so much, I worry about Jess any way.  Plus, someone is doing doughnuts in the driveway with a 4-wheeler. There are circles and wavy patterns all up and down the gravel road, especially the end we don't live on.  A couple days of parking out there will put an end to that little party.  That or a well-placed clothesline.