Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Ball and a few updates

On the 26th, the kids went to the Masquerade Ball.

They had a blast, Jake said it was the most fun he's ever had.  I imagine Rho being there had something to do with it.  From the video I have seen, his dancing was...inventive.  When I popped in to check on theam at 11:30, his hair was plastered to his head with sweat and Chan had danced right through her stockings.  There were grown men dressed as Ponies...loud music and a good bit of Munchkin playing.  I imagine it probably was one of the best nights of his life.

House news-Matt finished putting down the flooring in the hall bathroom, I have scrubbed all the tiles and grout and repaired any little gaps and resealed the whole thing.  I pulled out all the tiles in the window and replaced some damaged wood in the frame.  I covered every inch of wood in there possible in 50 year silicone made for exposed outdoor/shower use, then covered that with a layer of waterproof flexible wood filler and then put the tiles back down and used silicone instead of grout to keep them in place.  I also put some glass tile squares at the edge of the tub, that's where the water was sloshing out with baths or getting out of the curtain with showers.  That's all nearly done.  I need to replace the quarter round and put a little more sealant around the toilet base and it will be finished.  The kids are going back and forth about painting.

Our bathroom is coming along.  He's leveled out the new shower floor so it drains much better.  I replaced a few tiles and cleaned the grout and it's ready to be repaired in a few spots and sealed again which I will do Thursday morning.  It still needs to  be trimmed out, but the trim is actually ON the front porch.  I have a feeling this may be the year.

We have a guy coming with a trailer-I hope, I have not heard from him all week-to pick up the dead TV and a few other things from the yard.  Dead mower, dead grill, dead fridge.

Saturday Jake is finishing the last little bit on the front of the house and that will be done.  It's coming along, we just keep having to spread it out to pay for everything and I imagine things will  grind to a halt over the winter.  Maybe we will tackle redoing that kitchen floor.  The scraped paint on plywood look is starting to lose its charm.  

Anyway, just wanted to update-keep a record somewhere of our progress.  And put the ball photos somewhere more permanent than Facebook, I tend to delete date-specific albums after a couple months.


I have been in a leaf peeping mood and while my Facebook post asking friends to join me got ZERO response (I know!) I was not discouraged in the least.

Today we had to go in and get my annual blood test and Ben and Chan had orthodontist appointments. Chan needs a new retainer, I really feel ONE replacement should be built in to the cost.  But no, we go back in 2 weeks and it's full price.  UGH  I need some kind of sponsorship, like I will put a sticker on their head if some dealership will cover the oral care bills.

We hung out in town a while afterward, picked up some stuff at Fresh Market, had lunch at Taziki's.  I had the spanokopita wraps.  I always call it 'spank-o-peeta' so I was glad to be able to say, "Today's special." They were yummy.

On the way home, I took the long and winding route, over Yellow Bluff and up the back way through Crawford Bottoms and Gum Pond.  It was lovely!

The steps to the orthodontist's

Alabama Bison!

Taken through the windshield.

These trees are all over, they usually mark boundaries between 2 pieces of land or in the past, indicated a trailhead or turn.  This was RIGHT by the cave, so maybe it just grew that way.  Seems like a cave full of water would be an easier landmark to locate!

make a wish!

ALL that driving and this is in the side yard.  hahahaha

Sunday, October 20, 2013


It finally feels like fall around here.  I had to put on a sweater to go feed the cats this morning and I dragged the dog bedding out to hang to air.  I doubt they care it smells a little musty being stored all summer, does what one can to be civilized.  hahaha  I will get them a snug spot to lay, one that will likely be infested with cats within 10 minutes.  It's okay if the dogs are there first and the cats come snuggle up.  But Kuma can't lay down with a cat on purpose.

It's going to get into the 30's tonight.  Upper 30's, but that hardly makes any difference, it's still too cold.  I was hit in the back of the head with the first ladybug of the season as I was making hot tea this morning.  Time marches on, but dang.  Cold and bugs, I don't care for either.

Matt and Kuma are walking around with the same bright-eyed bushy-tailed look of happy wonder on their faces.  They LOVE the nippy weather, Kuma can run for hours and Matt revs up into Prospector Mode, wherein his face gets bushy and his stops shaving his head.  He wears a light jacket when it's 12 degrees out and complains about how the heat dries out his contacts.  I bet he will say that 45 times before the end of the year.  I will keep count.  It's like he has no idea the vents angle or that he can use eye drops or just wear his glasses.  But, he has LOADS of body heat, so I have to keep him around despite the eyeball issue.

Since getting back from Cayman, we have gotten into gear with the house...some.  Matt has about half of the hall bathroom tiled.  I did a spot in front of the front door to keep the winter mud at bay.  I have the WHOLE porch covered in 2 mats and a full carpet where we walk in and the doorway had its own mat and the carpet under there was still filthy.  So I pulled it out and I added a muddy shoe tray inside and out.  We'll see if that helps!  I have gotten more painting done, that's going slowly, though.  Maybe we can get a burst in this week and have it nearly finished in the cool dry weather coming up.

We made plans with friends-pontooning the lake to see the fall colors, grilling out, bonfires, sleepovers, hikes.  Chan is busy with a new play, the music director encouraged her to try out for a lead role that had already been cast before she joined in, but the girl has not pulled her weight.  So, that might go from a minor blip (once a week rehearsals, YES) to a major one as she takes on the lines and songs.  She would get a solo!

It feels like we are...cocooning or something similar.  Surrounding ourselves with friends and enjoying the kids and our pets.  Trying new things and making bigger plans, gathering ideas and wool.  Getting the house cozy and tidy and in good shape, even making it more a reflection of us now.  I love this house, I am glad we are putting in some time and money to keep it healthy and whole.

Speaking of friends and gatherings, yesterday we went to Kurt and Katy's for Inde and Alex's birthday party.  She's 5 and he's 14, we had a blast!

Matt...not sure what he and Gina were talking about:

some kids.

The patio expansion, I love it!

Jake loves rainbow cake!

Gina has long wanted to try ziplining, so Kurt set her up last night!  I think she enjoyed it!

This is a new thing...I think it's funny how I am trying to sort MY feelings about HIS feelings.
At least I really like Rhoen and they seem to be taking things slowly.  AND she griped about his awful spelling and he's been working on that double time. I knew it was going to take a girl to get him to shape up in that arena.  

Hanging out waiting for a zip!

Gina was lei'd!

Delicious spice cake

Muscadine moonshine, it was 120 proof.  I could only smell it.  WHOOOOO.

Drink ANYTHING from this company, it's all good.  I tried whiskey, gin, absinthe and bourbon.
I stopped sampling around 8, we left after 11.  I may have loosened up, but I have not gone nuts.  

Jake and Rhoen chatting.

Everyone dancing on the deck.

It was a great evening, we had such a good time just hanging out talking and laughing and munching on yummy things.  We have another bonfire at the lake and then it's my turn to host!   I am excited!