Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lake Day (it finally happened)

I have been trying to get to the lake for the past 2 months. Puking children, wrecking vans and bad weather have all conspired against my efforts.  So, yesterday when we arrived at the marina, I was a little giddy.

We swam for a while, then took turns on the paddleboard and the older kids all took out a Jetski and zipped around and then Elan took all the double digit kids out on his pontoon for an hour or so and they swam more just not with any adults around.


Katy TOTALLY did not get how to stand on the paddleboard.

This is a super stable board, but that does not mean I actually stood on it.  You can paddle quite well on your knees!  It's a work out, my sides, abs and upper thighs are all hollering today.
It was the first time I have gotten to try one, I liked it-but not as much as a kayak!  Plus, I was VERY aware all the sharks in the lake thought I was a seal while I was on it.  My inner monkey is terrified of sharks.  LOL

The kids are scooting around to get gas at the marina, I handed off my camera to Chan and she took the underwater shots below of their adventures.

They got back safely and I got the camera back in time to paddleboard over and hang out while the fish were being fed,

And the turtles!
I was going to ferry Deb back to shore on the board and we tipped it over!  I had a good squeal thinking about that turtle up there chowing a toe.  eeeee!

Back at the house, we laid out food and made dinner and ate and chatted and finally headed back home around 9.  It was a great afternoon!  Lots of talking and planning going on!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Talladega National Forest: Coleman Lake Loop 2 miler

Many miles on a dirt road, Chan says 'solid inch of dust on our car!!'

Parking is at the swim beach, but no one would actually swim-Canada Poose live here.

Really random wall!

Bonus find, sensitive briar

So cool!

Lots of poking, looooots of poking

I really thought these were barnacles for a minute.

The trail loops the lake, there's a minor hill climb to the above high point, then it goes back down to skirt the lake.  There are several small bridges.

We saw turtles and frogs and heard all kinds of frogs calling back and forth.
There is not good fishing in this lake due to having to let the lake drain to fix a problem.  They are going to close down all fishing until 2017 to allow the restocked population to get established.

Tiny turtle!

Fishing bridge!

I loved the ferns!

We left the campground and headed back out to the main road to make our way home.
Coming out of the mountain roads to this view below of sun shining through trees was extra pretty!

These pics are from an earth cache in White Plains we stopped to solve,

It's a pretty walk on a pretty lake, the campground has power and water and is along the Pinhoti Trail.  It's also remote and you have to go on gravel roads to get to it,  People had campers back there and in fact, there are no tent pads, just paved spots, not sure you even can tent camp.  But hauling a camper back there would be scary!

Cops on Top 2015

Well, we had a good number of folks signed up to join us on Saturday and had to move the event to Sunday due to rain.  So it was just us this year, even fewer of 'us' as the boys stayed home.

Matt and Chan and I headed to Cheaha around 11, getting there just before 2 and grabbing a snack from our stash.  I set up the tripod and adjusted that and they handled the banner.  At 2 exactly, we got the shot, put the tripod and banner away and climbed the tower!

I have no shots from inside the tower because there are lines and cables from the surrounding towers in the way of every view.

We walked the 1/4 mile trail to Bald Rock and enjoyed the views.
It was sunny, but the recent rain lowered the temps and humidity.  It was a perfect afternoon!

A geocache or two...

Then off to check out the Pinhoti.  I am looking forward to tackling this trail soon!

Many, many bear sightings this year!  None by me.

The entry is lovely, lots of prints pressed into the stones and leaves and flowers pressed into the tiles that make up the trailhead archway.

The turkey track is the symbol for the Pinhoti.

Backlit, but gorgeous!  I will be back, arched entry!