Monday, August 31, 2009

Farewell, Sunset!

Matt and I have entered a 'photo challenge' to only take black and white shots for a whole month. Since tomorrow is the first of a new month, we are just going to start then. So, we took some sunset in the corn shots as a farewell to color for the month, came home and set our cameras to monochrome. I prefer black and white and he prefers sepia.

Friday, August 28, 2009


We are back from our quickie August camping trip with Cathy and Katlin.
A big thanks to Cathy for feeding and housing us! : )

Check for the link, it's on the 'viking explorers' page and that link's on the main page.

The springs were SO cold, I just don't remember them being that cold and EVERY time I got out to do something and got back in, there were cold all over again. I wanted to snorkel and dive down with my mask, but it took so long to get myself prepared to go underwater. I was standing there, under water to my neck thinking, "That last 10 pounds is always the hardest!" about dunking my head. Ugh, I was fairly sure my eyes would freeze inside my skull. But, they didn't. It was nice being in the sealed-off springs to give it a try, no wondering if that shadow is a shark and other things that go through my mind when my head is submerged.

The canyon was wonderful. Going on a Wednesday, it was free and there was no one even in the visitor's center, so we headed down into the canyon, stopping to fill out the registration form at the trailhead. We walked down and headed up the slot canyons, taking lots of pictures. We walked back out the way we came in, opting to skip the 3 mile loop through the canyon and back around, it was REALLY hot.

The thing I enjoyed most was stopping at all the cemeteries. Well, that and the Spanish moss, I love that stuff. We learned a lot about it at the Cahawba Visitor Center. I did not know it bloomed! I will have to take a road trip next spring, luckily Selma is only 3 hours away.

Speaking of Selma, I watched a woman drive right into a power pole, back up-car spewing steam and radiator fluid and then she went careening off down the road again! I called the cops and they had her pulled over just before a school zone less than 2 miles later. School was getting out, so I don't know if the officer was already in place and saw her himself or what-if it was in response to my call in that fast then Go Selma police! If she had just swerved to the left instead of the right she would have plowed the back of my van! I would have been SOOOOO pissed. But even more than that, had she swerved in that school zone, she could have taken out a few kids. Ack.

But we made it home, safe and sound, the van is unloaded and the laundry is underway. We cleaned the house and did all the dishes and so forth, and again, it's as if we had not gone anywhere this week. It always amazes me how being home enfolds you.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Six Mile

Cemetery on Six Mile Creek

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Zachary's B-day

We all had a great time celebrating Zachary's 7th birthday at his slip and slide party!

Monday, August 17, 2009


together, apart?

The plans for our October trip are coming together, I have the 1st-25th arranged for, reserved and so on. I just need to get the 26-30th reserved, but that will have to wait for another day and another paycheck! Maybe 2 more...

My camper is at Mr. Holmes' where he is awaiting the arrival of new tires to put on it tomorrow or the next day. I opted to buy the more expensive ones, figuring the $30 now would add another level of security later on. The $$ kind do not explode and then peel apart. I can appreciate that now...

My brother has been almost freakishly complaint and welcoming about hosting us at his house for several days during the trip. Especially since he used to threaten to kill me for just looking in the door of his room. I guess he's 40 now, not 14, so I should try to act less shocked and amazed. But still, that wary side of me he groomed so well is squinting with suspicion at every e-mail he sends my way. Last count, he had secured storage for Poppy, bought a membership at a local park so we could use his guest discount while there and offered to take time off work to show us around.

Plus he seems excited, using exclaimation points and the words 'going to be fun' in every posting. I just need to check and make sure there are no major astrological events that week, the primal part of my brain is saying he is luring me down there to sacrifice me to the gods of 'I was the baby before YOU came along'. Though...maybe not. He was always Mother's favorite. But I was Daddy's favorite, so it all worked out. I have to say, to my advantage as well. Daddy is patience and good personified, a girl could do worse.

Matt is coming home with mask sets for Ben and Chan today, that's another thing off my list. One way or another, the trip is falling into place!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Totally Random Thing number one

Once, when Jake was about 20 months old, we went to have dinner with my Grandmother after Matt got off work.

At that point in time, Matt's job included opening boxes of parts and that day, he had opened a box with his box cutter and when he opened the box, there was a red box cutter laying in it, on the top of the hard drives. He gave a moment's pause to consider the guy in...HardDrive Central, who probably spent some time looking for the darn thing. Matt had stuck it in his pocket and forgot about it until that evening while we were driving to Athens.

We pulled up in front of her apartment and I went to get Jake out. I popped the car seat latch and pushed the Y yoke toward him, waiting for the release 'click' so I could pull it up over his head. Keep in mind this was 1995, so the seat was probably made around '92 or so. It did not release. I let it reel in a little more slack and pulled, still no release. By this point, the fork of the Y was near Jake's neck.

I gave it one more notch, feeling certain THIS time would release it and...nothing. By now, it was under Jake's chin and he was not having it. He was ready to get out anyway and there I was playing with the straps and now they were hurting his neck! He struggled forward and threw himself back against the seat and the straps pulled even tighter, feeding into the winding mechanism and locking tight. I was ready to panic when Matt realized what happened and came to the rescue with the red box cutter! One slice and Jake was free. We replaced the seat that night before coming home.

We called it the Mystical Box Cutter and it lived with us for a few more years, opening packages and helping us with our first move before it moved on out of our lives.

My boy

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sunrise, Sunset

Today Matt and I went for a sunrise and sunset drive to get pictures: