Monday, April 29, 2013

Part Two

I liked that they made the kids match, even though they were not on together.

The catwalk!  There were about 200 people attending the show, it was a huge crowd.  They brought in more chairs and then people started standing in the back.  There was also a balcony!

I did not get everyone, I even nearly missed Chan because I was too busy watching her to snap a photo!

Jake was SO jealous.

I got several of Jake because he was helping Jersey get to the end and back.  She had to stop and wave and flash 'love yous' to her mama.  So he would dance when she stopped walking.  It was so cute, everyone cheered and yelled and clapped.

They had Jake go out one more time to escort this model

At the end, they had a final walk-through for everyone who heard about it!  This was not part of the original rehearsal, so at least 1/3 of the models went offstage before it happened, but it turned out just fine.  The whole thing was a lot of fun.

Their design team!

This is Beth, who cut Brit's hair.

On the way home, we stopped at Waffle House and had dinner, that was so much fun!  The guy who took care of us was great, so kind.  It was a perfect day, I was glad the kids had such a positive experience and were able to be a part of something ADULTS were doing that was so much fun and used such creativity.  So often all the paths look like they end in a box, it's nice to dabble in one with less boundaries.

So, thanks to everyone at Aveda!  Erin and John and Carly in particular for being so AWESOME!  :)

Catwalk for Water Part One

On Sunday, we went to Birmingham for the Catwalk for Water event, the kids were so excited!  Even Jake had finally gotten into it-after I told him they would use glitter on him.

Here they are, so excited, so eager, so a little scared half to death about the catwalk.

They started on the girls right away, so Jake just sat.  He sat most of the 4+ hours of prep time, only getting his costume about an hour ahead and going into hair right after that.  It was supposed to start at 6, but he was still in makeup with another person behind him.  From watching Face-Off on Hulu, we shared a knowing look about Time Management!

Since it was to raise awareness for the need for clean water, the outfits were made of trash, recycled items and garbage bags.  It led to some really cute and creative ideas and some...interesting ones!

Chan's Hair Team Number One.  They hot rolled her hair, used the hairspray with the most hold and put her under a dryer for 20 minutes to set the curl.

Good thing we just trimmed off 5 inches!

After her hair was back down, they called for a run-through on the catwalk to get everyone familiar with the placing and pacing.

Jake was backstage, so John walked him through the walks and turns, I JUST missed his 'pose' at the end-which was a thumbs-up.  haha

By the time we were back in the room, her hair was flat again.

Everyone loved Chan's make-up, but I thought it did not suit her coloring.  Did being a summer or winter fall out of style?  I have bought exactly one mascara in the past year+, so make-up is not in my area of awareness.  I still think it's the wrong color palette, though.

I liked Brit's train more with no skirt, but she refused to go on stage in her undergarments.

Hair Team Number Two with Revolving Extra

This took nearly an hour, loads of spray and it still was nearly straight again before she go on stage.  I think next time, I will suggest sponge rollers or just braid it, yo.

They fixed Britney's hair flip thing.  They were going to spike it more, but everyone was doing such similar hairdos that they ended up just making it bigger and it worked well, she looked great!

The stapler became a vital aspect of the dressing process!

This is Carly, she was SO sweet!  She took great care of Chandler and dinked with her hair half the day

So lovely, must admire!

Then, the boredom set in.  They were done at least an hour ahead of schedule, so we sat a while.

Chan drew herself using the mirror across the way.
I decided to go check on Jake again.  After he got dressed in his...well, he called them pajamas, but I think it's a wedding outfit from India?  Anyway, they whisked him off to hair and he sat there a long time, I went back to see if they had messed with him yet and saw this:

I did not think his ego could get any bigger, but he LOVED his huge hair.  I started thinking that maybe he's channeling a woman from Texas circa 1990.

Touching up the Brit

This was his request
The girls are all ready to go on stage!

Gold earrings, silver sparkles, grey shoes and a brown and white dress...who knew it could come together!?