Friday, October 27, 2017

Charons Garden N to S

We had hiked up to the Apple and Pear from the south, so we walked down to them from the north and played on the rocks for a couple of hours.

This is the trail.
This is actually the easier option.
This is not an easy trail, I guess I don't have to say that. 

Our last day, we got up early and loaded the van and as we were driving out, the gate to Mt Scott was open!
Up we went to watch the day begin.

The drive home was long, but not bad.  Memphis was the worst with 30 miles of snarled traffic.
Alex drove a little while and I dozed, it gave me enough boost to get us home!

Crab Eyes

We watched the sunrise from our planned spot and then headed out to get gas at Medicine Park and saw the gate to Mt Scott was open!  So we went up.

We went to Sonic for breakfast and then filled up the van.
On the way back, we cruised through the downtown part of Medicine Park

These turkeys went a little nuts trying to decide how to get off the road because of the bridge railing.  The boys hummed the Jurassic Park theme while the turkey ran back and forth making sounds like squeak toys.

The trail to Crab Eyes is very easy to follow!
It is at the Sunset trailhead parking, go past the bathrooms and cross the lower bridge.
Enter Charons Garden from the north end and walk 10 minutes to the marked trail split and take the backcountry/Crab Eyes trail.



that tree to the left had really good cell coverage, we stopped coming and going.

Crab Eyes in the far distance

And zoomed in.

And I was on this trip

The boys morphed into speed demons and flat left me behind.
I got to a vantage point and heard Alex yelling from the top.




As close as I got

There they are!

Alex demonstrates why I was not interested in climbing all the way up.
To get there, you have to shimmy up this crack that Ben got stuck in.  There's just no way I would have fit!

Ugh, I had to look away.

Okay, bush in lower right corner.
Look up the crack that touches it.  Alex is in a hole taking a photo of me.

The views were amazing, all week.