Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last of January

And so the new year goes, I am still not 100% on the whole '2013' issue, as I seem to have only recently caught up to 2011, which is why when we cleaned out the pantry last week, Chandler was in charge of expired items, I probably would have killed us all with botulism. 'October 2012, that's MONTHS AWAY!'

I have been in a bit of a fugue, not a funk, just feeling a little removed from it all.  It could be any number of things-allergies from the early blooming flowers, the weather being all over the place, the new puppy needing to go potty at all hours, Matt being out of town, meeting new people and doing new things.  I tend to back away from myself and observe at times, particularly when I feel overwhelmed.

Puppy update-it's been 6 days since she's peed inside, she goes right out and to the same spot.  Since her vet visit last Friday, I have been scooping poop and putting it in the trash can, because the vet wormed her again, though she's still as pot-bellied as ever.

When she got to the pound on the 4th, she was 11 pounds.  The vet said she was under 10 when they did her spay on the 17th and this past Friday she was 14 pounds.  They were a little freaked that she had gained 4 pounds in 8 days.  I am not surprised at all, pound puppies are the worst for gobbling because they have had to fight for all their food their whole lives.  It takes a little while to realize there will be more food and until she's sure of that, she will fatten herself up.  Now that her stitches are gone and that belly is really healing, her energy levels are increasing daily.  She will burn it off.  Though I have had to expand her collar twice because her neck is so fat.  eep!

I did our taxes and THAT was awful.  I did them 4 times to be sure, but the days of a fat refund are over, it will be exactly enough to cover half of Ben's braces down payment.  I had planned several upcoming expenses like new tires on the front of the van to be covered by the refund as well as a little boost to the savings account.  So, I had to go back and spend a couple of hours re-working the budget for the year, which stinks.  I am not sure we will be able to get to Disney this fall as planned, but I am sure going to try.  We will still be out of debt-other than Ben's braces-by the end of April, so that will help.  It's just that the house needs some repairs-mainly its needed a new roof for a while.  And only the porch is painted.  I stopped painting when it was apparent we had to replace the fascia boards all the way around and now that's done and they are all painted, so I need to get back on my house painting plan.  At least I picked a good color, we all still like it. 

We came through the weather just fine.  I, of course, had to fret about it.  I had the kids wear socks to bed and keep their shoes and flashlights (with new batteries) right by the bed and pack a change of clothes and their favorite items, I got our toiletries and important papers packed, Matt's glasses and mine, the external hard drive, my Nook, a pair of good tweezers because they really are hard to find.  Then I looked around.  There wasn't anything else I wanted to save.  I am not sure what that means, I guess that everything can be replaced and photos re-printed.  It's just stuff.  I did kind of wish a tree would fall in such a way as to need new roofing without damaging anything else so insurance would help out on the cost.  I guess that was too much to hope for, though the wind managed to take a few more shingles.  I am going with metal roofs from here on out, I am tired of playing shingle shuffle.  Ooo, or a flat roof.  So useful!   Live in a big cube...our underground. 

Today is the end of the month, Ben goes for his final fitting before getting his braces in 2 weeks, it's my half-birthday, I am directly between 38 and 39.  I have decided that for my 50th birthday, I don't want to have a huge travel vacation or the usual.  I just want to not have any cats.  Between the near-constant yowls, the DAYS of work each time getting foster dogs to not chase them, the piles of dead thing guts in the yard, the piles of dead-thing pukes on the steps and welcome mat if they can't actually make to to one of the beds to throw up, the waft of loose hairs that get on EVERYTHING, the peeing in the sink and bathtub, the way they run JUST ahead and then LAY DOWN IN THE PATH while you try to walk, the way they follow us and cry and cry as we walk or bike on the driveway, the way I have to drive AROUND them or stop and wait as they dust bathe in the road, how when I bend over to pick something up, they leap on my shoulders and dig in.  I am just...done with cats.  I won't get rid of the 4 we have, I just don't want to replace them, either.  We will be a dog family.  Of course in 10.5 years, the kids will be well into their 20's and likely we will just be a dog couple.  *sigh*  Good thing I am still crazy about Matt, he's not going anywhere.

I can never see a chickadee without hearing Ben's little voice saying, "Mommy!  Tickadees!"
I still think of them as such.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Today we loaded up and headed out to meet up with the teen group to have lunch and learned to make sushi! It was pretty cool, I have only had it once and never made it, I realize I am WAY behind the times, but I like to know what's in my food when I am not sure what the food is...if that makes sense.

The kids used avocado, tuna, salmon, crab, peppers, apples, pears, cream cheese, olives, carrots, spinach, cucumber, hummus...I don't know what all in there!  It was fun to make all together and then while they sat in the fridge getting chilled and blended, everyone was able to hang out and chat.  The kids ended up playing outside most of the afternoon, taking advantage of the weather.

It was gone in a FLASH.  Look at Nia peeking inside, she was SO good.  No tinkles at all while we visited, she went outside every time like a pro.  I hope that is a new trend!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nia, for Daddy

 Poor Matt is off in the frozen wastes of Northern America and is missing the fun of moose slaying and 'what the heck' with baby Nia. So I took some pictures.

Lucy Moose is talking smack, but can she put her antlers where her mouth is?  Nia can!

Bestest Brother Benny made the noise thing make the noise.  Nia watched him walk for 20 minutes with the same ears-up expression of wonder.

ooo, Lucy Moose is about to get another beat down!

BBB may or may not have a treat, best to beat him up, just in case.

 Lucy has been flaunting that antler LONG ENOUGH, Missy.

She will fetch the tug rope!

Zonked after a full night of waking mama up to go tinkle every 2 hours!
But the kennel was dry today!

Her nasty head wound from Cleo, who sliced her scalp open in 2 spots, I had to call the vet!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Go Us!

Today we finally managed to go meet up with the local homeschool teen group and go bowling! 

I did horribly.  I got one strike and 2 spares and about 12 gutter balls.  I think those are the correct terms.
Ben was slightly worse, Chan too.  Jake had a score over 70.  I refuse to say if that's better or worse.  hahaha
The kids had a good time, Chan was even chatting by the end.  I already RSVP'd for the next time, I need to lift some weights, even the 8 pounder was wrenching my elbow by the end.  I know better than to assume I could improve my form, I'm just amazed I did not go sailing down the lane with the ball.  Yet another game I really, really suck at.  hahahaha

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mulberry Fork

We had plans to hike-hike today and ended up tinkering with Matt's stuff most of the morning, getting him ready for his trip and by noon, had decided to go somewhere closer.  I have been wanting to mess with some slower shutter speed shots and play with my 'big camera' for a while, so I suggested we go to the canoe beach on Mulberry Fork, since the rains and the snow, I figured the flow would be pretty decent.

We have been several times, there has never been another person there!  I was a little annoyed to see not just one but about 30 other people,'s not MY canoe access point, so I will just shut up.  It turned out to be a little worthwhile when a gaggle of girls wear bikinis attempted a polar bear swim.  IN the rapids.  The one guy with them went in IN his jeans.  I wonder what it is with boys?  I imagine shrinkage.  The water had to have been 50 degrees at the most.

Another advantage to other people was that we got to watch some kayakers do their thing and two guys on boogie boards.  They were trying to surf the swell like on the ocean, but I watched the first one and then the second one get whisked around the bend and finally come dragging out to get in their car and leave.  That was a little sad that their plan failed, I HAVE a boogie board.  hahaha

Not exactly the same shot, but the one below is of Ben on our first visit here back in...2007?

Once Again...

With a different spelling, the puppy is named.  Nia.

We go through so much hassle, I think what I will do from now on is write down names we all like (both of them) and just pull it from a hat next pet, we are fatigued. 

We go March 1 to look at a rescue dog a place is actually holding for us, despite my assurances that we don't WANT them to hold him, if he can get a family, get him one!  But the foster mom feels that of all the applications and interviews, we are the best suited to take him because he's a gentle and sweet natured dog, not one for a busy family or with smaller kids and so on.  Basically, to me that means: this dog needs a LOT of petting and is fairly lazy.  hahaha  So, we may have another name issue come up in the near future, which is okay since we picked out a dozen boy names we liked.  Not limited to Jones, McGregor, Bascomb, something else and a few others.  I swear, my brain is named out today.  Main thing, it won't be as big of an issue.  I hope.

Here are some photos from yesterday, today we are getting Matt ready for his big meeting this week and hopefully going to get in a good walk.  We managed to hit 10k yesterday just at the track.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Just Enough

 Today it snowed just enough to give us all a thrill, get Matt off work early and allow the dogs to run like woleveses and us to make some snowcream!

It piled up over about 4 hours, hit a full 3 inches deep and then the SUN came out and started melting it almost as fast as it fell.

I took all of these from inside the house, looking out various windows.  Any vignette in the photo is from the edge of the window frame.

Nom nom, snow is yummy!

The roof from the kitchen window.

Yeti says SNOW!

As fun as it was, I am glad it was fleeting, looking forward to the next several days and the SUN and no more rain forecast for a while.