Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Review

Lots of hiking with and without friends.

Chan got her braces off!

It snowed.

Nia joined the family.

We joined a  local homeschool teen group.We learned to make sushi.

Chan turned 15

Ben got braces

The girls did a modeling gig

Nia is fully house trained.
We went hiking at Red Mountain

We went to field day

I learned to make marshmallows

We went gluten free.

I learned to make flourless chocolate cake

We paid off the last of our debt.
The van AC got fixed the first time

Lots of wildflower walks

Camping at Tishamingo with friends!

The kids were in the Catwalk for Water fashion show

16th anniversary
5th annual homeschool camp-out

We went rafting at Ocoee

Ben and Chan traded rooms

The van AC was repaired for the second time.

We went to Turkey Creek.

We had a great swimming day with friends

We found a new drive-in

We went canoeing and met Park

The girls were in drama camp

Matt turned 40

We represented the state and hiked Cheaha for Cops on Top

We got our passports.

It was a very mild/rainy summer!

We went on hikes and a waterfall swim

We met Amanda's new goat herd

I turned 39

We had lovely hikes
I got a chest cold.
I broke Poppy.
I lost a friend, and I miss her.

Wild haircuts happened

We met Carl and stayed at the farmhouse

We had a NBTS week-long party in Tennessee 

I developed pneumonia and that ate 75% of the month
We had a teen work week at Cumberland


Jake and Rho announced they were in a relationship.

We spent a week in Cayman with Phil and Jacki

We had a fun weekend with friends, celebrating.

The kids went to a masquerade ball.

We had a bonfire party
I went through a bout of the blues
The central unit died
We had a quiet Thanksgiving at home

Jake turned 18

The kids started ballroom dance lessons

We had a fiesta with friends
Ben got a banjo
The van's AC was repaired for the 3rd time.
Matt had 2 weeks off
We had a quiet Christmas at home

Ben turned 14

I learned how to make kombucha

We went to a fashion photo shoot in Birmingham.

On this last day of the year, we bought yummy food, finished all the laundry and cleaned the house.  Taking out all the trash, clothes to donate and recycling so we can start the new year fresh!  I walked on the treadmill a while.  I got the the bigger things we need to get taken care of budgeted in, we made a couple phone calls and finished up minor personal business for the year.

We rented movies and made finger foods for some evening fun, the kids played on their instruments and the girls sang most of the day.  We are keeping close to the cozy wood stove.  Such a peaceful way to see the old year out with lots of talking and laughing and playing.  Makes me realize that in the new year, I want serenity more than anything else.

I wish you all a serene new year as well, a year without major complications, a year when things seem to work themselves out and everything ends up being for the best.  A year in which more things are obtainable and less things seem impossible.  And of course, a year with adventure and new discoveries within yourself, your home and your world.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Shots of the Year

Today we headed to Birmingham at the crack of dawn and spent the next 10 hours having a blast at a photo shoot with Erin.  She needed some models for a personal project and the girls are always up for some dress-up fun.
I did not take many photos, Erin had her vision and I am anxious to see what her shots will look like.  I took a few from behind the scenes and several of me playing with the kid she was done with while she worked on the next one.
She did ALL of the make-up, hair, wardrobe, lighting and shooting herself.  I was impressed and I learned a few things!  That always makes for a good day.

Chan was up first, she took a while to get made-up and I was kept busy braiding yarn into dreds for her wig!

The girls had gone out to gather twigs and made a crown for Emily to use later.
Chan headed over to give her opinion on things while Erin went to get set up in the other room.

Next time you really like a dress in a fashion magazine, check twice to be sure it's really a dress!

I pulled these snowflakes off Erin's Christmas tree...

Brit was up next!
Erin went with a fox for inspiration.

After a break for lunch, Emily was in the chair, she was an Earth Mother.

I can't wait to see Erin's shots!