Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day!

So far, I have leapt out of bed and shut the front door because it blew open and then I ran around gathering cats out of the house, then I had to run out to give Matt my library books while wearing my underwear because I could not find my robe.  Then I ran out to get some things into the outgoing mail, then I ran down Katherine who was hiding and meowing (a bit of evil particular to just her) and then I ran out to check if the animals all had food because bad weather is on the way.

The encroaching storm has my hackles up, I feel AWAKE today and very energized.  I am thinking of putting the treadmill in my room so I can walk when I first get up, I hate to wake the kids with it and where it is, there's no other option.  It's a noisy thing! 

While waiting for my darlings to awaken, I walked around taking pictures out the windows:

And when I came in to upload, Kat was back inside-and in the way.  At least this time she was not hiding, though...I can't say I want to complain about that any more.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Puny Earthlings

The kids are going through various stages of various ailments/allergies.  It's been a very miserable few days as they snuffle and cough and lounge around.  Ben seems to be in the best shape with only a runny nose.

The next play is a no-go for us, we talked it over and they'd rather have the spring open, among other reasons.

Here is Zep after being tortured horribly her bath.  She has also been subdued because her boy is not feeling well.

I did manage to get the house all scrubbed down, it feels so nice to have everything where it belongs and clean.  It's made keeping up with the funk-covered kids easier, too.  I have done loads of laundry, keeping the bedding and pillows washed, I wish I could put them all in the same bed and save myself some work!  Unfortunately, the one bed they all want to be in is mine!

In local gossip, Mr. Holmes has a Yorkie he is thinking about breeding, so we have spent at least an hour this afternoon naming the one we want.  The dog is named Rocky, so we hauled out the rock and mineral books to look up rock names, which led to talking about Pompeii which led to watching more CrashCourse history and the new one for biology and that finally led back around to eating marshmallow peeps.  I love how our world is round.  Any path gets you somewhere and there's no way to know what there is to find along the way.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012

There's No Place Like Home...

My journey to Oz is over, Matt will be taking the kids tomorrow and going back for the final performance and bringing them home.  I seriously don't like having a schedule, I have no idea if I will ever actually be able to hold down a regular job.  I guess GETTING money instead of spending it every time I leave the house would help, but gosh I don't like having to be somewhere.  There's stuff I'd rather be doing and then there's always traffic-other people are such a pain. 

I have limited news, beyond the play.  I bought a new cooler today, I LOVE it.  Here it is at Amazon, but I paid $11 for it!  Eep, I was so excited, it was 1/3 of what I budgeted to pay for one and it has 2 sides, so one for food and one for drinks!  No more water bottles on my sandwiches and fruit.  I am so ready to picnic and hike and camp and swim.  I am such a warm weather girl. I just hope gas prices don't keep us grounded.  I guess I can picnic in the pasture, though.

I have been deep cleaning the house in bursts all week, looking forward to getting more done tomorrow.  I cleaned both bathrooms top to bottom with germ killer cleaners and swept and mopped.  Then I scrubbed the kitchen cabinets and counters and Matt did the floor.  I even cleaned the ceiling fan.  I sprayed and wiped down the walls in the living room with wood protector and did all the furniture, dusted picture frames, swept the corners and ceilings (for spider webs) and vacuumed the floors and couches.  Took down all the curtains and washed and rehung those through the whole house.  Today I did the beds and pillows.   Love having a tidy house, hopefully we will be able to get it into good repair this year and it will be very cozy.  Cause, there's no place like home!

In other news, we may have temporary twins later this year!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Off To See...

It's almost time to leave for Oz again, it's always amazing how fast this last bit goes, despite the endless rehearsals and that drive back and forth from the theater, killing time when it's too rainy to walk the track, biting my tongue over and over while watching bits of rehearsals.  Of course I would do it differently, that's why I am not directing.  I would have ritually sacrificed a couple of the louder parents and rowdier kids the first week and there would be dead silence and total effort in my theater.  None of this milling around and missing ques and forgetting lines.  Those monkeys would FLY!  LOL

But, it's not my world to manage, so I will take care of the one I can have some control over.  : ) 
The first 3 plays were today and the first full dress rehearsal was last night, Jake said on the way home, "Okay, I did rehearsals, we put on a play.  I am done." 

I took a LOT of pictures at dress rehearsal, but here are some I took today:


And a few from rehearsal, first: My favorite shot of the night:
I love me some Amos kids.

Creepy Farmhand Jed listens in while Auntie Em chats to Dorothy

Whatever's coming, they don't look too happy!

Not In Kansas Anymore

She's so MEAN!

Sending a signal to his Mama!

The Mayor heads to take over the next town!
I am not uploading more right now, so you'll just have to wait, or come see the play for yourself!
Here are some sneak peeks...