Saturday, March 25, 2017

Chattanooga and Bankhead

Headed back to Prentice Cooper with Amanda and kids so we could check out the campsite situation.  D, there in the background, nearly stopped my heart on the ledge.  This was 3 days ago and digestion still has not returned to normal.  At one point, she bent her legs up, and I thought she has just slid right over.  It's about...60 feet to the next ledge down.  Another time, she rolled over TOWARD the edge to stand up.  I could not even talk, just flapped at Amanda and she did the parenting bit.  I think it's a combo of it's been nearly a decade since I had an 8 year old and none of mine were that willowy.  Even though she's doing the exact right thing (laying on her belly to look over) she's so light and it was so windy...ack.  Anyway, I will eventually calm down internally, I hope.  

I like these places, the rocks to cross the tiny creeks.  They abound in my world and I'd not have it any other way. 

This wide spot in the path is the campsite!

Mullens Cove Overlook

Who wore it better?  hahaha!  I could not resist when I saw them.

First of these this season

We drove over to Davis Pond, which was full of ATV riders camping so I did not take a pic, but it's a lovely spot for a group camp.

Afterward, it was still a couple hours before dark, so I asked if Amanda had to get home and she said no, so we went over to the Raccoon Mountain TVA area.

We opted to find out what that building up there was!

That's Prentice Cooper!  It took us nearly an hour to drive literally across the river.  

From the top!

It's a VC!  It was closed, but the bathrooms were open, we were glad!

Raccoon Mountain has this reservoir, which is not so unusual.  But it's purpose is kinda cool-they pump the water up to fill it while energy usage is low in the area.  Then they can drain it through a tunnel to create hydroelectric power when the city needs a boost!  

The bridges in Chattanooga

On Friday, we went back to Ship Rock.  This time we met at the picnic area, which was closer to Amanda than our usual spot.

2700 miles in the previous 2 months.  ack.

Trout lily and bloodroot below were EVERYWHERE

Saxifrage and trillium 

4 leaved trillium!  

A giant beetle that was zipping all around

Auburn Falls

Spring beauty and the little ones playing on a sandy creekbed for a while.

A few more bluebells in bloom, but I was really expecting LOADS more.  It was not much different from last week!

Yelling tree

Ship Rock from a slightly different angle


This is the site we opted to set up hammocks and hang out at all afternoon. 

Ahh, perfect! 

I decided to name the spot Singing Rock. 

 The littles had a great time exploring.  

A little down time to rest.

But only for a minute!  hahaha

Eye of the Needle from a different angle, that round white spot in the rock right by the tree trunk.

Ferns doing their fiddlehead tricks

False garlic


Hairy vine!  NO TOUCH.  It's either poison ivy or sumac, either one will rash.

Fire pink and more trillium
I think I may work on learning the different types of trillium this year.

And, phlox.  We painted the house this same color, we all love it!  Purple with green trim.  Though I painted the door blue.  It clashes a bit...guess I'll fix that at some point.