Tuesday, June 14, 2016

40 and 41/52 and quick update

Hike 40 was a 28 mile loop at Mt. Rogers with Chan, though it took us 3 days of walking.

Hike 42 was 3.1 mile lake loop at Indian Boundary Lake.

I set out at the first of the year to hike 52 hikes, mostly on different trails, to walk 1000 miles and to camp out 30 nights.

It's the middle of June and I am ahead on my 52 hikes, I hit 400 miles this morning, so I need to walk 6.66 miles a day the rest of the month to hit 500 by the end of June.  HA!  I have camped out 14 nights. So...sort of on track.

It's HOT.  Melty and uncomfortably hot.  If the summer continues at this rate, I will be WAY behind because I really don't like being sweaty.  We walked last night at the track and between the bugs and the heat, I was done at 2.5 miles and did my walking on the treadmill this morning.

Headed out to swim this afternoon, the kids are staying with friends for a couple days.  Chan has mostly lost interest in backpacking more, so I will be planning my next trip solo.  There's another route I want to try.

Got my Obsidian box in yesterday.  Summer camping quilt, trekking poles, wool hoodie, backpacking food, cookie mix (that was odd) and a full size set of the sunscreen I really like. It will all get used at least.  The box was awesome-it's triangular this time.  The last box fell into pieces during shipping and they had to resend me all the small items.

Not much else in the news arena.  Matt's on the new job, Jake's still working full time.  He just bought a car off Matt's old boss.  So now he has AC and a CD player among other things that will make life better for him.  He drove to Atlanta last weekend.

When I was his age, I was pregnant with him, so I am glad he can blow through $200 at Six Flags and only come back with a slight sunburn and a hideous hat and that his biggest whine is having to get to work an hour early twice a month for meetings.  That's how it should be at 20.  Not pouring canned corn into a measuring cup so there would be enough for later and eating it cold to keep from using the stove and running the power bill over $30.  I don't ever want the kids to go through that,

Anyway, that's the update!

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