Friday, July 8, 2016

Lake Day

Ever thankful for friends who live on the lake, getting to jump in a 300 foot deep swimming hole on a 98 degree day is what makes living in Alabama in the summer bearable.

Sweet Didda jumped off the top 5 times yesterday.  aaaaa!  

We snagged a Phoenix this time and there was lots of hanging out at the top.  All the girls jumped off, neither of the boys did.  hehehe.  There was some good natured ribbing for that.

Super fun boat ride watching Ben, then Didda kneeboarding. 

Just look at all that is going on in this shot.
My hair is in a bun, so it's not floating around my head in a halo as I envisioned.  But my toddleresque bangs are making a fine effort.  Baby fine.
Then, it's so bright I can't actually open my eyes and what's that?  A dragonfly is attempting to brain probe me via a nostril.
Also, every time I tried floating on my back, I had visions of a giant alligator coming up from the deeps, Jaws-style.  If I weren't so glowing white I might be harder to spot from deep down.
It's so deep at the dock, it's like walking to the edge at Cane Creek Canyon and then swimming out over the valley.  It's that far down.  EEE!


Rho joined us after work

We caught a little of the sunset on the way home.  Next time, we are staying out on the water until the sun is down, I don't want to miss that over the lake! 

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