Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pumpkin Flavor Season

It's still summer for another week, but cinnamon brooms, brown, yellow, red, and orange table runners and delighted cartoon turkey decor have already breached the local store and the next aisle over is crammed full of lights, red hats, desk top trees and wrapping paper.  School supplies quickly gave way to shelves of candy and the gardening section is now lined with cheap costume accessories and cups with ghosts, witches or spiders stamped on the side.  Cadberry Scream eggs, Reece's peanut butter skulls and MnM in Candy corn flavor are stacked up at the register.

In every single aisle, pumpkin has taken over.  Coffee flavors, cake mixes, pancake mix, cereal. Candles.  Room spray.  Things to plug in the wall...it's overwhelming.

But, it is a signal.  The birds will soon smell the pumpkin spray and begin their long flights, lakes will flip over, leaves-the ones that have not just died from lack of rain-will fall off the trees.  And the sun-that monster of the past several months that has made all activity after 10 and before 5 the equivalent of standing in front of a roaring fire with a wet cloth over your mouth and nose-it will be lulled by the scent of sweet, ripe squashes and fade a little in intensity.  Scary movies start popping into my queue like mushrooms after a rain.

I took a personality test.  It's not even remotely surprising, the result.  Basically it said, I will keep my mouth shut unless it's to blow things up or call others on being stupid.  SO good to know that's a personality trait, I just figured I was a walking sabotage machine.  Apparently, sarcasm is also an attribute, living in my head, avoiding people, judging people and smiting people.  All hobbies of mine.  'Turn the other cheek' simply means 'pivot so that when you come back swinging, there's more force behind it.'  I think Marcus wrote a song about me.  It's called Hot Gates.  Also, I think Hallelujah might be about someone like me as well.  But, interestingly enough, the song 'someone like you' isn't about me at all.  hahaha!

I guess the good points (of the personality traits) are that if I say something, I mean it.  I really don't gush and compliment. That made me feel better actually.  I already knew I don't forgive.  But I don't jump at conflict, I just deal until I can't and then end it.  

We did a major grocery trip over the weekend, we cleaned the house, mowed.  I am making Tom Yum soup for dinner.  I ran all my errands yesterday.  It's a lovely, lazy day in which no projects need starting and other than laundry, nothing even needs topping up.  If Jake were not working, it's the kind of day we'd rent some dvd's and make pizza rolls and pile up on the papasan and insult various plots.  The closest Ben and I come to that is when I point out lyrics in which they make a word 'rhyme' with itself and he nods.  Ben and Chan are not movie watchers, they don't want to spend a whole afternoon staring at a screen (TV anyway) and yelling about how Moby Dick didn't end like that.  Maybe I should get them to take personality tests!

Things are in the works, field trips and camping trips and swimming trips.  Better get in the swimming soon, if it gets under 80 we won't go!  haha  But for today anyway, nothing needs doing.  So we are off to do nothing.

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