Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Crunch:the Sad Story of a Two Week Separation

I discovered that while I like to THINK I would like to backpack for weeks on end, really, a week is about my limit.  I don't like to be away too long from Matt and the kids, my bed, the bathtub, the dogs, the library, Netflix, my routine.  And that's okay.  I still do and go more than 90% of the people I know and I embrace being 'out there' when I am.  But, I think this is not surprising to anyone other than myself, it turns out that one of my biggest security blankets is my van.

A few weeks ago, Chan was driving and slowed down for a woodchuck and the car behind us did not. The car behind us was driven by a girl who had gotten out of school at noon, just over 12 miles away in town and managed to plow into us at 12:15, so let's assume speed was part of the factor.  It was a half day, she wasn't just checking out for a doctor visit, so there was the full on school traffic to get through.   I was just as irritated at her as her mama was at Chan for not plowing into the the animal at full speed. Whatever lady.  I would have slowed down, too.

I learned 2 things from that wreck.  One-if both parties agree to exchange information, you don't actually have to wait (2+ hours) for a trooper to arrive and take an accident report.  Though in the case of a clear at-fault driver, the trooper can ticket them for leaving the scene of an accident.  The troopers office said it happens all the time, people get a fender bender and have to get to work or to pick up their kid and opt not to wait.  Then I learned item number two.  You can not file with insurance without an accident report from an officer.

So, last night I dropped WanderWagon (finally named her, no comments from the peanut gallery about how it's not a wagon) off at the body shop and they said it will be 2 weeks, minimum.  TWO WEEKS.  Let me go over the extensive damage:  Lift gate.  Possibly under the bumper is dented.  The slot where the back seats slot into the floor to make the floor flat is caved in a little.  I actually 'fixed' that with a camping mallet so I could put the chairs away.

I thought they would be done this afternoon.  I thought they would stretch the frame before lunch, replace the door in 20 minutes and call me to come get her.   I am a little excited about the lift gate because I don't have a rear wiper and a new one would have that.   I had to re order all my stickers last night.

So, I go pick up my rental this afternoon.  I have so much going on this week and next that sitting at home isn't an option.  The other insurance company is picking up the tab.  Nice.  I nearly pushed for another minivan, but the lower gas usage won out.  I have never paid less than $35 for a full fill up.  And that's every 400 miles.   I get about 23 MPG, which is abysmal.  Matt gets 42.  We have discussed getting a running around car for me, since I don't haul loads of kids any more.  But in the end, another car payment for 3-4 years to avoid paying an extra $10 on a fill up a few times a month never quite makes sense.

So, keep my poor van in mind and send some 'hurry the heck up' vibes to the body shop.  I don't think they understand when a car isn't 'just' a car.

I'll be local for a while.  I have an overnight next week, a week long trip in July or August and so far, that's it for summer plans.  I know, it's crazy!  A few swim days, some day hikes, lunch meetings, a dental appt for a deep pit in a rear molar that I have ground the sealant out of.  Again. I hope that's not toxic, I feel like I have consumed a fair amount over the years.

That's it for updates.  I have a wild hair to exercise more, we'll see how long THAT lasts.  So far, just this morning.  I mowed the front yard after, it's raining so much that the grass is growing about half an inch a day.  Matt mowed part of it Friday evening after work and it was already wooly again.  The back is outright field-like, but I will get to that later.  It's about to rain again.  Plus, it's not as thick, so if it's longer, it's not a killer to mow like the front can be.

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