Saturday, July 22, 2017

Around Here

We've had an unusually friend-heavy week around here!

Monday we were at the lake-I left my camera at home, ack!

Tuesday we went to swim with the Lackey's and Wednesday we went with them to see the sunflowers at Batey Farms again.

Friday, Chandler got her license and we went swimming to celebrate!

I got in the new snorkel gear I ordered earlier in the week (fast shipping Scuba World!) and tooled around in the lake pretending to be a mermaid.  We got new gear to go to the Conasauga River, I have had that on my list for 2 years now!  It's happening!

Well it's happening as soon as I get some kind of neoprene booties, my toes rubbed inside the flipper. I have hot spots on my baby toes.  I also made my ankle hurt, the one I injured 3 years ago.  It has not given me much trouble lately, I had thought it was healed.  I even jumped on Katy's trampoline with no ill effect.  But propelling my mass through the water is a different story!  Ah well, back to the strengthening exercises...we have new insurance now, I wonder if I could get 6 more weeks of rehab!?

In other news, I have a job lined up for after Ben graduates.  It won't pay much and it's very part time (2 days a week) but it's leading hikes and the occasional overnight PLUS there could be bonus kayaking trips, which means I need to step up my arm strength, pretty sure 3rd graders would go right past me right now, ack!

hahahahahaha!  No wonder all the fish swim frantically away!

At Batey Farms:

Lake Friday:

The kids worked on their dives

OMG, Amanda is so damn cute.

There is nothing I enjoy more than a good swim.  I am SO glad the kids are also good strong swimmers and like going as much as I do.

We are fortunate to have friends to hang out with and places to swim.  I miss Tennessee, more now than I have in a while.  But times like this remind me that Alabama is not so bad.

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