Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I have been in a leaf peeping mood and while my Facebook post asking friends to join me got ZERO response (I know!) I was not discouraged in the least.

Today we had to go in and get my annual blood test and Ben and Chan had orthodontist appointments. Chan needs a new retainer, I really feel ONE replacement should be built in to the cost.  But no, we go back in 2 weeks and it's full price.  UGH  I need some kind of sponsorship, like I will put a sticker on their head if some dealership will cover the oral care bills.

We hung out in town a while afterward, picked up some stuff at Fresh Market, had lunch at Taziki's.  I had the spanokopita wraps.  I always call it 'spank-o-peeta' so I was glad to be able to say, "Today's special." They were yummy.

On the way home, I took the long and winding route, over Yellow Bluff and up the back way through Crawford Bottoms and Gum Pond.  It was lovely!

The steps to the orthodontist's

Alabama Bison!

Taken through the windshield.

These trees are all over, they usually mark boundaries between 2 pieces of land or in the past, indicated a trailhead or turn.  This was RIGHT by the cave, so maybe it just grew that way.  Seems like a cave full of water would be an easier landmark to locate!

make a wish!

ALL that driving and this is in the side yard.  hahahaha

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