Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Ball and a few updates

On the 26th, the kids went to the Masquerade Ball.

They had a blast, Jake said it was the most fun he's ever had.  I imagine Rho being there had something to do with it.  From the video I have seen, his dancing was...inventive.  When I popped in to check on theam at 11:30, his hair was plastered to his head with sweat and Chan had danced right through her stockings.  There were grown men dressed as Ponies...loud music and a good bit of Munchkin playing.  I imagine it probably was one of the best nights of his life.

House news-Matt finished putting down the flooring in the hall bathroom, I have scrubbed all the tiles and grout and repaired any little gaps and resealed the whole thing.  I pulled out all the tiles in the window and replaced some damaged wood in the frame.  I covered every inch of wood in there possible in 50 year silicone made for exposed outdoor/shower use, then covered that with a layer of waterproof flexible wood filler and then put the tiles back down and used silicone instead of grout to keep them in place.  I also put some glass tile squares at the edge of the tub, that's where the water was sloshing out with baths or getting out of the curtain with showers.  That's all nearly done.  I need to replace the quarter round and put a little more sealant around the toilet base and it will be finished.  The kids are going back and forth about painting.

Our bathroom is coming along.  He's leveled out the new shower floor so it drains much better.  I replaced a few tiles and cleaned the grout and it's ready to be repaired in a few spots and sealed again which I will do Thursday morning.  It still needs to  be trimmed out, but the trim is actually ON the front porch.  I have a feeling this may be the year.

We have a guy coming with a trailer-I hope, I have not heard from him all week-to pick up the dead TV and a few other things from the yard.  Dead mower, dead grill, dead fridge.

Saturday Jake is finishing the last little bit on the front of the house and that will be done.  It's coming along, we just keep having to spread it out to pay for everything and I imagine things will  grind to a halt over the winter.  Maybe we will tackle redoing that kitchen floor.  The scraped paint on plywood look is starting to lose its charm.  

Anyway, just wanted to update-keep a record somewhere of our progress.  And put the ball photos somewhere more permanent than Facebook, I tend to delete date-specific albums after a couple months.

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