Friday, April 11, 2014

Fossil Mountain Trail

Yesterday we hiked Fossil Mountain Trail before dance.

Things to know: It's at Rickwood Caverns State Park off I-65, there's a $1 per person over 6 fee to enter the park.  In season they have camping, swimming and cave tours-all can be found out more about at their website.  We just went for the hike.

There are bathrooms in the park office building, plenty of picnic tables and trash cans and a playground.

The trail itself is very mild, it goes in a loop up the hillside a way and then across and back down.  There's not much to it, no overlook or special landmarks.  There are a few small and deep openings in the rocks along the way, which you should be on the lookout for if you are hiking with little kids.  It's a typical karst topography-cedar and limestone, no water and lots of shallow-soil wildflowers in season.  There were no surprises in mid-April.


Sorrel with a violet peeking from underneath.

The kids playing lava field, trying to only stay on rocks.

Daisy fleabane

Fire pink


The trail was mostly like this with a few little climbs


Tattooed Girl

I am glad Chan has other friends, but she misses Emily!!  We all do.

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