Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weird Weekend

Matt worked Friday, we stayed home and I worked on my plants and messed around in the yard pulling up weeds and when the sun was good and warm, went in the camper and sprayed and wiped down the whole inside, skipping just enough spots so that when I lay in there later on, I can obsess.  I left that to dry out and we put Poppy away Saturday night after taking a few photos of the damaged lift system.

On Saturday Matt got up early and headed to a hike, I took Jake to play airsoft.  He had a great time until the last round when he was shot in the face and arms with a couple different high-powered guns.  Thank goodness he had on his safety glasses.  At that velocity, a pellet would have popped his eyeball or at least done some painful and serious damage.  His face is bad enough, 2 of the spots bled a while the third is just a fat blood blister.  UGH  :(  That will take a month to heal and in that month we have a funeral and he has a modeling gig.

Yes, that fish is his melee weapon

That TOOTH.  I am ready to scream.  It was straight as can be when his braces came off.
He's been going BACK to the ortho with it, got a retainer adjustment a month ago, tomorrow we go back in.
I KNOW he's going to say, "He needs a stronger retainer, $300 please!" and I will fucking pay it because that tooth drives me NUTS and I already have multi thousands in that smile, what's a few hundred more?
Plus, I have the SAME crooked tooth and I hate it, HATE it.  I'd pay $300 to fix that it a heartbeat.

Back home, before I put away Poppy I shot a few pics to send off,
one of the dads thinks he can help mend her!!!

It's that wood, under the canopy, that has gone soft.  If you ever get a pop-up, get a solid roof, no seams.  They leak-no matter how much caulk and tarps you cover it with, unless you can put it in a garage when it's not in use, your camper is going to get damaged.

waaaaa!  This still makes me teary eyed to see.  

The lilacs are out!  I love them!

 Sunday continued the unusual weekend streak.  Matt's alarm went off at 7:30 and we popped up, him faster than me.  But I made the bed, so it's not all slackerville over here.
He got ready and went out to meet a bunch of guys with metal detectors and ran all over all morning.  I got up and tended the boys-Ben is unwell, which is allergies, but that's too simple an explanation for him.  Jake lost his retainer.  It was on the dryer.  

I am telling you all, if I were not WITH my children 24-7, I would have them tested for drug use.  I TOTALLY get the parents in sitcoms and movies who discuss the possibility of their kid being on drugs.  I always thought, "YOU SHOULD KNOW!"  Well, with teens (and I am sorry for the generalization, teens are overall AWESOME) that whole lack of sleeping, general growth spurts, crappy attitude some days, mature attitude some days, the ability to lose something they were holding 9 seconds ago, the fact they will eat the VERY THING you point out as the ONLY THING they can't eat because it's for a special meal, their ability to scarf mass amount of junk food and weigh 128 pounds and the general daze and glaze they walk around in for a few hours after first waking up...makes you wonder.  Plus, Chandler will get on a roll and stay up until she's drunk from exhaustion and these rays of insight and clarity will strike her and she MUST SHARE and insist she's totally fine while wobbling around and sometimes falling asleep while talking.  Then deny it all the next day.
Between hormone surges and body hair sprouts and pimples and oily hair and the whole brain being rewired, it's amazing humans don't simply go into a cocoon for 3-5 years.
Drugged out of their gourds is what any sane person would at least wonder.

I have been yardening!  Okay, first I moved in several plants from the pasture and from the side of the road that are edible or useful.  Violets, plantain and sorrel.  Then I moved some spiderwort so that can spread more (now that I know we can eat it, it's not a PITA to have all over!) and hooked some jessamine to the walls to grow up out of the way.  Jessamine is very poisonous, but I love it.  Same with the daffodils, we have 500 at least and all of them are killers and they are not going anywhere.

Here is the porch garden, I will transplant most of these goodies when the temps stabilize.
Don't judge my totally unmowed yard.

Headed back to the pasture and dug more sorrel, which has been replanted near the porch.  I also pulled up a fist full of poison ivy, so I hope my purloined plantain perks up, only one of the 3 clumps I moved shows signs of living.  I need to get better at transplanting things, surely there's some less-shocking way, I can't understand how the plants even KNOW.  I keep their own dirt around them and put them right back in the same sun or shade within 10 minutes of digging.  And they are weeds!  You'd think they'd thrive in a new spot, it's what they live for.

Grow into delicious delicious salad!  
Yesterday Jake got to play with Austin at the airsoft thing and while he was one of the kids who shot him in the FACE, it was still good for them to be able to hang out.  Austin was team captain once and he picked Jake first and I got a little teary...I was just SO glad that the recent drama has not totally ruined things for them, though they will likely never be as close.

Got in last night and Evan was on chat for the first time in a long while.  They chatted half the night and Evan is coming out for a few days!  I am nearly giddy over that one, Jake has missed him SO much and again, it was my fault they don't get to see each other like they used to.

And that's the weekend!  We have the whole afternoon ahead and no plans, I think we might try to make something new, I was looking a sorrelade recipes...

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