Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Over the Bridge and Down the Alley

After the Aquarium, we headed out to walk around a little while.  I don't think any of the kids were prepared for the 2 or so miles after all the standing and walking most of the afternoon, there were more than a few giddy tired cheers when we arrived back at the van!  I think it made Nettlevan feel happy, that so many people were that thrilled to see her 4 good tires and stout heart, ready to drive us home.  And she did, even though I tried very hard to run her out of gas!  ack!

We ended up under the bridge first, where we sang Happy Birthday to Ben to get the crazy reverb noise, it sounded like dozens of people singing!  When we clapped and cheered afterward, it was so loud and echoey, even I was looking around to make sure we had not attracted a fan club during our public singing debut, it sounded like a stadium, which made us all louder.  No doubt the locals just roll their eyes and keep jogging.

We decided to cross the Walnut Street Bridge, which turned into a slow meander while we watched the sun set and the lights come on and the sky get dark.  By the time we got across, it was an hour later.  As soon as we crossed, we went and found the Mambo footprints and Jake wowed us with his street ballroom dancing skillz.  After talking it over for about 12 seconds, we crossed the road and went to the doughnut shop!  If you get to Chattanooga, don't pass them by!

While the kids sat on a huge sectional and ate, I read them the store copy of 'If You Give a Dog a Doughnut'.  We all agreed that apple juice was not the go-to drink for doughnut eaters.  Sorry, I may have ruined the plot there.  Katy came and joined us, she was walking behind with Inde and Owen and had stopped for ice cream.

After fueling up, we re-crossed the road to the alley and played with chalk for another hour or so and finally headed back across the bridge to the van and headed home.

Katy suggested we stop for pizza at their store en route to the house, so we did.  Good call, Katy!  We even got wings for Elan.  :)

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