Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mid-Month update

Wow, it seems like time is going even faster these days.

The first week of the month was the usual-our FINAL, final ortho appointment.  Every month for 7 years!
Jake had a filling, I bought some sandals (my last pair I bought before the 2006 Disney trip) and we bottled the latest batch of kombucha.  I have 3 gallons going at time right now, that's probably my limit.

Matt and I went backpacking last weekend, doing around 30 miles at Savage Gulf.  I loved it, though the gnats were crazy making.  There was some cussing on my part for sure.  It was DRY, it had rained the previous 2-3 days, which saved us, but the creeks were DRY.  We refilled at 2 springs, 2 TINY springs. One was filled with leaf debris and the other was filled with frogs.  eeeee.

Yes, I have purple hair.
No, I did not bleach it first, it will fade.

Why I actually love my tall hiking pole.  I can prop and reflect. 

1.5 miles from the car, we stopped and hopped in Savage Falls to cool off and marvel at ALL THE WATER.

Spring number two
We use UV to zap the water, even from springs.

The tall bridge over the total empty Savage Creek bed.  It drops into a sink before it reaches here.  I imagine it flows after the winter rains as there IS a creek bed there.

The FREAKISHLY uphill 'drop' to the gulf floor.  I honestly did not think we were ever going to reach the bottom!  Then I got rattled by a rattlesnake, my foot was 6 inches from the tail.  The head was at least 3 feet away.  I backed up PDQ and we went around it.  It was totally relaxed the whole time, did not seem to mind us hiking-just didn't want me to step on it!  We thought it was being really polite.

Spring number one.  The pics are not in order!

Hobbs Cabin, the only cabin in the TN state park system.
We had it to ourselves that night, so I set up my freestanding tent inside-there are camel crickets and spiders and mice in there.  hahaha  Our only casualty to the mice was they got in Matt's pack and shredded about half of his toilet paper.  We bear bagged everything else, which was a bit exciting.

This week, we went to see Pixels with some friends and had a bonfire afterward.  I did not take a single photo!  The movie was better than I imagined, I usually avoid Adam Sandler.  Okay, I do have one complaint.  There were 5 women in the whole movie.  None spoke to the other, of course.  And they were all slim, 2 to the point of their thighs not touching.  Every, EVERY man in the movie, was fat.  BIG bellies, double chins, sagging jowls, fat fingers, wide rear ends and in general unattractive (and mouth breathers!). And they all looked their age and then some.  Like they came in hung over, while the women had flawless hair and makeup, heels and tight skirts.

Today was supposed to be a pool party, but the manager at the pool decided to close for the season yesterday.  Then said I was lying about talking to him twice in the past 2 weeks about setting up the event today.  So there's that.  And 30 people to contact by 11 this morning.  I heard back from all but one.

Tomorrow is a reunion!  I am going for a long walk with Karen, who I have not seen in...2 years?  I am so excited, I even turned down a campout at a fire tower tonight to watch the meteor shower to go!

Friday night, Chan is running in the Color Run.  That's it for big plans for the week.  I am hoping my camping buddy will decide Thursday night will work for her and I can still get to see the shower. I'd appeal to her here, but she doesn't read my blog. hahahaha!

The kids are 'back' to doing school stuff.  Even though he graduated a year ago, Jake still watches his history stuff every single day and he's WAY into the upcoming election.  He wants to check his voter registration card to be double sure he can vote.

I say 'back' because they don't really slack off for summer or holidays.  They have their routine and I don't interfere other than to suggest more math and writing practice when I get the chance.  When we are home, they do work.  When we are not, no one sweats it.  It's a beautiful system!  They are brilliant children!  I am very blessed with them and I don't take it for granted, ever.

More backpacking trips in the works for me, Matt and me and the kids and me!  I am hoping for a rainy late summer!  Except for when I am actually outside.  hahaha.  I can hope!

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