Monday, August 24, 2015

Play Day!

We don't have enough play days with friends any more.  So when one works out, it's like a holiday around here.
Ben stayed with Alex and Emma all weekend, but wanted to come home last night, so we headed off to get him and stayed for dinner and hung out.  BAM it was 5 hours later, I don't understand how time keeps speeding up, a day passes in moments.

Today, we met back up with Katy and her crew as well as Amanda and her kiddos at Shakalaka, then headed to the park to play for a couple more hours.  We finished it all off with a grocery shopping trip. Woot. I am taking kids camping Wednesday to help Park Thursday, we needed food.  Last time, they ate everything I brought and then some.


Shakalaka has been off our radar all summer because they don't do any sort of homeschool discount while school is out.  So today was extra fun, the kids love jumping, Ben most of all.
Since they opened the Ninja Course in the spring, that has been the new favorite.

With ropes, poles, ramps, climbing wall, slack line, rings and more, they pack a LOT of upper body work into a small space.

At the playground, the kids ran and ran and finally one of them realized they were TIRED and sat down to rest!  They occupied themselves for a few minutes playing a game by telling a story one sentence at a time going through the alphabet.  So the first sentence began with an A, then the next person added to the story with a sentence that began with a B.  And so on.
I stood away and used my zoom.  I recently listened to a story about a chimpanzee and felt a little like playing scientific observer.

I snapped a couple quick group shots, with barely any of the group actually looking at the camera.  AH well.  

The book club is reading Thirteen Moons by Charles Frazier, I LOVE that book.  I am excited to get to read it again.  :)  

That's the news, we area packing tomorrow for an overnight to help with the Fiery Gizzard reroute, then back home for 2 days, then BACK to do a caving trip, good thing we all love South Cumberland-best state park there is.  We are lucky to have it so close.

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