Friday, September 4, 2015

Field Trip! Anniston

Wow, I really did a great job planning this trip!  hahahaha.

We wanted to renew our membership, so I sent out word we were going.  3 other families joined us, so it was a fun day for hanging out.  AFTER we actually arrived, that is.  I got up, loaded us all up in the van and headed for South Cumberland.  I was on the other side of Guntersville before I realized what I was doing. Gah.

ALLLL the way back down to Gadsden, I pulled in at Taco Bell.  We'd had breakfast, but Ben in particular was showing signs of low blood sugar.  I pried him off of Elan, who had (horrors) misused a word, and poked a quesarito down his gullet.

We arrived in time to glom some grapes off the early birds who had opted to picnic ahead of the museum tour.  So it all worked out.

We bought our membership (still only $42!) and went through the museum, walked around the grounds, got yelled at (very rudely) for having a soccer ball out.  Next to our own cars-the only cars in the lot!  Grrrr

We opted to head out to Noccalula Falls since it was on everyone's route back home and they have a nice big playground.  We played a while, looked at the falls and then got a popsicle and Elan headed home with his own family.  We'd had him for 6 nights!  :)

Unrelated to the museum, it's Cap, Libra and Willow, Chandler's gerbils!

This used to scare Jake silly.  We had to hide his head until we were past it.

Ben thinks gar look like they told a bad joke.


Awkward taxidermy.

Smug baby!

Perpetual stalker

Warthogs are just...bizarre.

"When I was a young wart hog!
When he was a young wart hoooooooog!"

Look at those stabby trotters!

This was the favorite display for years.  Tiny antelope.  Then one day, Chan or Ben discovered the middle dik dik has NO NOSE and they zoomed past it ever since.

Found out what Murphy Jones is!

Ben, I am this close to shoving you in the pond to feed the koi!


Horned owls have the best WTF faces

Team slapping/coordination games.  What could possibly go wrong?

We LOVE witch hats!

The statue of Noccalula is very tall.  As a child, this, combined with the Apache Chief on cartoons led me to believe Native people were abnormally tall, some on command.

Ben lost his sunglasses.  He figured out a way to deal with the horror of being outside in the daylight.

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