Saturday, September 26, 2015

Scared and Excited!

We had our ghost walk last night...I was looking for a little more history, the walk in Huntsville has so much more local info.  I guess Decatur just isn't that interesting.  They could have pointed out how I was born there or something.

Today, Jake drove himself to town to hang out with friends for several hours and then drove back home. That was about 900 times more scary than last night.  hahahaha!

Tonight, Matt is a Battle of the Bands, which is broadcast live online.  He is giddy, he's so excited and his inner 17 year old Matt is riding the waves.  Playing in a battle at the COUNTY FAIR.  And they are the closing act.  I hope they win, we could use $100.  Ha!  That never changes, extra cash is always handy at 17 or 42.

This afternoon while I just happened to be stalking Jake to be sure he had not driven into a ditch in town as well, getting groceries (almond milk and arugula are groceries!) I saw...The Girl in the Spider's Web!  The Stieg Larsson 'Millennium' series is being continued by another author, since Stieg  managed to give himself a heart attack and die.  I grabbed it right away (from the library), I can not wait to see what Lisbeth is up to, she's my favorite protagonist. And I will, right after I finish my other giddy-inducing find, the newest Department Q book! Also, in Scandinavian crime novels worth reading I like Johan Theorin.

I have been downloading podcasts all afternoon for our drive to the island coming up.  Probably more podcasts than we can listen to, even if we drove there by way of Wisconsin.  Yay!  Kurt is being a whiner because it's a long drive.  I'll have none of that on my vacation!  Though really, I'd rather all be driving to Disney!  I still need a bathing suit, though I am starting to think it will be too cold for sea bathing.  I did find my sun hat today, well, Matt did.  That's one of the 5 things on my list of lost stuff.  I swear, this house moves things you need.  My stuff most of all.  Garh.

And, that's it!  I am off to watch The Battle of the Bands, though I hope it's more lively than the usual gig. They don't dance around or even have big hair anything, really.  They just play and the singing guy sings.  People clap and dance, but I doubt they will be on the LIVE BROADCAST.  He's called 3 times.  I feel a little bad about not going, but...noise and strangers.  I am seriously the worst band wife. hahaha

Oh, I did make a funny the last gig.
Why does the bass player get laid more than the drummer?
Because by the time all the drums get loaded up, the girl is sober again.

Plus, she has to drive her own car because there's no room.   So, sober is a good thing, but...not for the drummer. hehehehehe

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