Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Duck River Trail, Bremen, AL

Went on Matt's Friday off, on over in the afternoon, to the new Duck River Rec Area.
When the trail is done and the reservoir is filled, it will be 21 miles long and can be used for hiking or biking.  There's only one trailhead now on CR 1651.  I imagine there will have to be more when it's all done.
Put the intersection of CR 1651 and CR 1678, that's just below the parking area.

There are currently 3.5 miles finished and you can make it into an 8 mile loop using the paved roads to get back to the parking area.
We only walked to the 2 mile marker as the sun was getting low.

It's easy walking with a near constant undulation, but no climbs up or down to speak of.  It may be harder on a bike than walking, I don't know.

The reservoir has not been filled, but you can see and hear the water below going over the rocks.

That 2 looks like a Z to me...

The trail is not wide, it's dirt and clay and passes over MANY rock-covered seeps and one (in the first 2 miles anyway) small ravine that would be hard going if it was full of water.

It's a really pretty trail and I am so glad to have somewhere new to explore!  This will be a real treasure when it's done.  

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