Monday, November 2, 2015


This year, Ben was the only kid home.
He wanted to carve pumpkins, which was a total shock, so off we went to look for somewhere selling them at 4 p.m on Halloween

Obligatory Halloween cemetery photo

We checked 5 places and finally snagged 3 of the last 5 pumpkins for sale in North Alabama.

We also got some fundamentals.

Andy co  a Halloween must have! 

I have only carved a pumpkin...twice?  

It came out well!

All three.  Ben was surprised how thick the rind was, it was not easy carving!

We downloaded a ghost finder app and a jump scare game JUST in time for the power to go out.
We played a while, then sat on the bed and I read ghost stories out loud...for about 10 minutes.  Matt and Ben both fell asleep before 8.  Less than spooky-though I kept reading.  The power finally came back on about 3 hours later.

And that was our less than exciting holiday.

Jake and I went Sunday to buy him a wallet and ended up going to see The Last Witch Hunter.  Somehow I ended up paying for it even though the wallet was for his first paycheck.  Hrm.  hahaha!

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