Monday, January 4, 2016

2/52 Richard Martin North End 12m

It's 11.88 miles, but I figure walking around the Elkmont downtown area and climbing around on the caboose, getting to and from the car, and the Waffle House afterward all added to .12 tenths of a mile.  So I am taking all 12.
4.2 hours of moving time.

We picked up 16 geocaches along the trail, which is the real reason I look like I have been badly surprised in the 'end' shot of me.  Sawbriers are a bitch!

we've always believed there was a magical tree in the rainforest with powers...
This was a grapefruit and ginger drink.
I don't know WHY the blurb caught me off like it did, but I found it so absurdly hilarious that I thought Matt was going to bounce the empty can off my head.  I had a dry blood orange soda, which had zero magical rainforest powers.

My favorite mile on the way back, even if it is STILL going uphill.  The 6 mile path is downhill for 4 miles going into TN, but coming back, it's a steady incline for FOUR SOLID MILES with the occasional steeper slope.

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