Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Well, I didn't get my 84 miles for the month. But, I will have something near 70, so I am not too far behind.

Got our taxes filed today. So that's done. Yay.

Got another backpacking trip on the calendar to the Cohutta, which will be awesome! Going during the butterfly migration.

Accepted 6 friend requests from people I have not met IRL yet. That's borderline crazy for me. I'll probably panic when that sets in.

Started a joint blog with 2 other folks, it already has several followers and comments. We barely have anything going over there yet, I guess it just appeals to the right crowd. It's all hiking and backpacking stuff, one lady is a personal trainer, so she's covering exercises. I'm yammering and the other lady and I are writing up our assorted trip reports. People freaking love to read about trips! It's like I found my calling.

Got Matt a rain fly for his hammock, got me a rain kilt because I can't wear rain pants over a skirt, lost 4 pounds and an entire pants size doing an abs and back workout every day. I still can't do all of the exercises, I am in awe at how genuinely out of shape I am. I drip sweat after 2 minutes, half an hour later, there's me, outlined in sweat on the mat. I think my posture is better.

I also can't believe I am still so tubby. 27 days of sporadic walking and near-daily abing. I should be a size 6 already. That one size drop just gets me back where I was before Matt starting bringing home holiday goodies from work. So my normal clothes fit and I don't have to just wear the elastic waist pants. Hardly even seems right.

Have some social things lined up for the kids the next couple days, then backpacking this weekend with Matt and Melanie. Then it will be February and leap year to boot. Jake has a couple days off next week, so Monday won't be crazy for once.

I have not watched much of anything this month, it's been a weird month. I am still reading Station Eleven, still love it. Last night I stayed up overnight and read Grandma Gatewood's Walk in one go. The book was so good. Finished up The Abstinence Teacher today. Very interesting read, I like the insight behind beliefs, to see the process, even if it falls apart.

Matt and I are watching The Leftovers, a series based on a book by the same author and that has another angle on sects and beliefs that I am trying to puzzle out. Same thing in Station Eleven, though it's a gorgeous story about life and love and carrying on. I've never read a story about the end of the world that's given me such raw hope like this one.

Why do people latch on to what they do? What gap does it bridge? That's all we are, pocked and holey creatures who seek out people and things to fill those spaces and smooth us out, make rolling through this life less jolting, yo.

Wishing us all smooth travels.

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