Thursday, May 26, 2016

James Floyd State Park and Paradise Gardens, Summerville, GA

My actual paid-for url .com website is over the limit for photos and until that's fixed, I am stuck doing trips here.  I don't mind so much as I have a need to organize things a certain way and this is not my way.  Trips go on the travel site.  Homeschool stuff goes on the homeschool site and everyday stuff goes here.  Non-family centric stuff goes on other blogs, depending on what it is I am sharing. Neat, orderly and totally blown apart by data limits.  Grrr

Two queen mattresses and a twin cot, I do like loads of space in my tents!

The best part of camping with friends is the flux and flow of the kids

I took a long evening walk on my own, to catch the sunset.  I started off going the totally wrong way because GA state park hiking maps are REALLY vague!  I saw a deer, then a swamp.  ACK

THERE'S the actual trail.  It's the Lake Trail. 

Campfire at Katy's, yay!

Working on a shared project via chat.  I love that even the 4 year old can contribute!

This was climbing on Chan when I woke up.

My sweet Ben and Also Cornbread

We went on Wednesday to Paradise Gardens:


I liked the composition much more with my foot in it

Not so sure this is legit product.

Back at camp, lunch.  I have a sensible avocado and tuna wrap

Chan has a more sensible avocado, tuna, nutella and turkey jerky wrap.

Then, goes to sleep for the whole afternoon

Nearly everyone else headed on the Marble Mine Trail to the...marble mine.

We saw this guy:

the mine

the softball frog in the back of the mine. *shudder*

Another campfire at Katy's, this time Bea, who is around 5 months old, put on a show.  Oh, she is CUTE and chubby and gooey grinning with bluuue eyes and a wisp of hair and when she nursed she did that grunt/snuffle that I had forgotten about and I felt it in my bellybutton and my toes, that PULL, even though she was rooting around on her own mama 10 feet away.   There is something to the weight and heft of a fat and happy baby, one that throws their head back to laugh and nearly topples you both.  What joy, that moment when delight is had by all simply because the baby is amused.

Thursday was the last dance class, so we scooted back for that.  Chan starts work in August and won't be taking dance any more.
Birdie came over to eat his cereal with us, he has SUCH a personality and talks and talks.  Chan told him we were leaving, he had to go back to his site and he said, "No I don't, you are just being rude!"  hahahaha  The day before he delighted in telling me "If my grandma had seen that snake, she would have peed in her pants!"  Most of his rambles include elements of trucks and/or guns.  Jake, at 3, was more into dinosaurs, but it's all the same at that age-the really big and powerful thing you can master with vocabulary and imagination.

Chan drove us home.
We left Ben in Georgia!


He's last been spotted going to the community pool opening with some Bothwellians, so I am certain he's happier eeking out a little more buddy time than he would have been putting away camping gear! 

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