Friday, May 20, 2016


Well, nearly a month since I blogged.  hahaha

We started the month in New Mexico via Oklahoma for a couple of days.  Then up to Santa Fe and down through ABQ, Truth or Consequences, White Sands, Carlsbad and back home via Abilene and a quick stop at the zoo there.  Chandler really likes zoos.  I would move to Albuquerque in a heartbeat.

Back home, we did the laundry-mow-clean up fest and then rested a bit.  Matt and I took off over the previous weekend to backpack while Ben and Chandler stayed with friends.

And now we are on the eve of the Panther Run, Jake is going to sign for a car loan today, Matt is awaiting the news of the salary bump following his new promotion.  It's been a busy several days, today being some kind of apex day in which many things happen at once.  Fingers crossed for $20k more a year!  It won't be nearly that much, but why not have high hopes.  hahaha!

Finished the Hannibal series yesterday. WOW.  That last line was so perfect, wow.

Watched The 5th Wave a couple of days ago.  AVOID AVOID.  It has seriously the worst chemistry between characters who should not even be thinking about love.  Spoiler alert:  A Boy Saves The Day.  After the female lead goes through all kinds of stuff but mainly just has really really good timing for walking in and out of places.  Also, Liev is in it which is why I did not turn it off halfway through.

Tonight, I am going to eat dinner and see a movie with my bestie from elementary school.  She has started dating after 7 years and I could do a blog just for her hairbrained adventures.  OMG, I am SO SO SO glad to just be a housewife and not have to wade those waters.  I have been on a couple dates with her as a third wheel and it's all I can do not to bolt for the exit.  Between worrying about what to say and what to wear and having to maintain hair and nails and makeup and then there's wondering if the guy is psycho.  Not many people are single at 45 without some baggage of some sort.

I just want to add that hot shells and cheese is the best thing ever, I don't even care that it has zero nutrients.

And, here are a couple pics from the backpacking trip!  (NM trip at eopapaver)

We are SO CUTE

I hate hills.  THIS hill made my knee start hurting!  

Ranger Falls, the last 'named' feature in South Cumberland that I had not seen!!

We all have matching packs, Karen and I have the girl pack and Matt and M have the boy pack
Karen packed 5 POUNDS of clothes, so her pack is stuffed.  hahaha

Matt and I are hanging side by side and it was COLD overnight.  eep

The ears.  *squee*

Suter Falls

I wanted to go to Horsepound so Matt could see that falls, too, but my knee was KILLING me.
That's a new ailment and one I intend to nip in the bud, I can't have that!

Next week is another busy busy one.  Major field trip Monday, camping until Thursday, 4 day weekend in which we will hike in the rain on purpose!  If it rains.

I have been fighting off something horrible that wants to live in my sinuses and behind my ears.  I can't get that ear pressure to let up with the OTC meds I have, I have been thinking about...going to the doctor.  UGH  Even typing it makes me want to just take to my bed. My latest efforts have included so much hydration that I can only make it 15 minutes between bathroom runs.  I will be loads of fun at the movie tonight.

AH well, all caught up-the highlights anyhow.