Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Solstice Sunrise

For the past several years we have spent the dawn hours of the winter solstice at Katy's house.  Well, in 2009 it was a sunset bonfire.  But since then, dawn.  Sunset would be easier, gah, morning.
Why are you so early, and so pretty?

Basically the exact same pic, I was just messing with settings.

Laying out!

When I flipped to tan my back, Oliver decided my butt looked soft and warm, so he climbed on board!

Afterward, we headed to town to run errands, afterward I dropped Chan off with Phoenix for a couple days and then went and got Daddy's new Fire tablet all set up so he can read ebooks on it.

Not a bad solstice.  Matt has started using his CPAP again, so I am hoping after getting up at 3 and being busy all day, I can spend this longest night of the year snuggled in and snoozing happily.

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