Monday, January 16, 2017


I feel like I should have lost weight from having a cold.  I made roughly 8 pounds of snot.  As is my main complaint when comic book characters grow huge at whim; you can not create mass from nothing.   So where did that 8 pounds come from?  I'll tell you.  Hot tea.  Everyone is all like 'ooo, tea with honey' but all that does is force you to get up and potter around and the results fuel snot.  Next time it's bourbon, chocolate, and goldfish shaped pretzels.  I can keep all that in a drawer by the bed-the one that is currently filled with typing paper.  I have not have a functioning printer in 3 years anyway.  Then I can just flail, it's a great plan.

Between New Year's and the 12th, I left the house only if there was some necessary thing at the end of the trip.  Delivering tissues to the croaking thing in Chan's room or reupping the Powerade stash, or, my favorite, buying yet another pill for congestion.  I used to not be able to take decongestants. They made my head swim and my heart race.  I've either developed a tolerance or mild panic attacks are old hat now, either way, I have been popping nasal decongestants at the rate of 2 every 6 hours for DAYS.  Not only am I not reacting, I'm only breathing slightly better.

I have recovered to the point that now my nose does not run, it drains into my throat so I have this near constant need to cough and go 'ah-heh' in long spiels like a chain smoker upon awakening.  This. This is what it would be like to be a 70 year old man.  And me without my tightie whities with questionable sanitation level.  Dang.

The 13th I dragged myself to Elkmont and walked with Melissa and Gina on the Richard Martin.  We did the whole thing in 4 hours.  I had in new arch supports that were too narrow for my boots.  I did not realize it would be such an issue, but it rubbed my feet and by the time I got home, I had 4 HUGE blisters.  The ones on my heels were over 2 inches long.  I popped them and drained them and taped them with leukotape and ended up having to do the same thing the next morning.  I have not had a blister refill before.  My feet were SO tender Saturday, it felt like I had burned them, like I was walking on a sunburn, not a flesh wound.  :(

Sunday, we did a couple miles with a new person, Nicky.  We ended up over at Hurricane Creek. I have not been there in years!  I expected it to be in bad shape, but other than a couple pieces of trash (in a place I could see but not reach) there was no damage or debris!  The trail kicked our butts, I was covered in sweat.

That afternoon we dropped Ben off to do an escape room with some friends (they did it with 2 minutes and 7 seconds to spare!) and Matt and I ran to Cabela's to look for a particular towel I'd like to get. They had it, at nearly $15 more than REI.  ack.  But they did have a big sale going on and I got a mens rain jacket for half off,  It has pit zips and covers my butt.  The women's (same price) has no pit zips and the bottom comes to my waist and I could not even get the large to zip over my boobs in a tshirt-never mind a fleece or down hoody underneath it!  And, if I leaned over wearing it in the rain, the rain would funnel into my butt crack. Who designs this sort of crap?  Mmmm, tight in the titties, don't hide that ass!  PERFECT!

Anyway, here are some pics:

Sunset, out the bedroom window

Richard Martin

From Hurricane Creek:

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