Thursday, January 12, 2017

Nosy Heifers

When I post anything about the BLOTUS, my page hits go WAY up.  I have had this blog a decade and know about how many people come by on average.  So, if you are here because you are creeping on my thoughts about the travesty of the election, rest assured.  It was a travesty and though there is some delight in seeing people realize what a horrible mistake their vote turned out to be, the fact is, we are all spiraling that drain hole together.

As a citizen with no wealth, I have nothing beyond my voice, which in this state as it is, will not be heard.  I had to call Jeff Session's office to ask him to not endorse HIMSELF for AG because there are only 2 options here and THEY BOTH SUCK.  I would ask, since there are so many, many hits coming these days, that when you boycott Alabama, send a message to the tourist association and the governor and SAY you are not coming here and why.  Is it that the absolute first item presented by our new assembly of elected officials was a proposal to post an employee in stores to monitor bathroom use?

I will say this for Republicans, and I have said it before. They are MESMERIZED by anything covered by a bathing suit.  They obsess, make laws, make rulings, make NEARLY ALL their decisions in fact, based on pee pee parts.  And now their Lord and Master ALSO has shown he too enjoys pee pee parts for more than casual molestation without protestation.

And, yes, I am being infantile with my wording.  Because it's an infantile group of total asshats with priorities so skewed that they mutter 'gimme' in their sleep and can only be happy when their sand box has the mostest sand.

So, keep snooping around, nosy heifers. I won't stop thinking and I won't stop talking and I can't stop seeing and tallying the truly unAmerican fuckups they are accumulating.  'For all' is a JOKE.  There is zero concern for anyone not themselves and the people hurt the most are the ones voting them in and I do not understand where the failing to comprehend comes in, other than, I imagine, the hate of their base is stronger than self-interest.  But boy howdy, the elected understand self-interest.  It's their second favorite thing to contemplate, after penises and vaginas.

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