Thursday, October 25, 2012

Done! and Friends!

We finished our 100 miles today! 

It's been a good few days back home, I got the carpets deep cleaned, got Chan's braces paid off, Suzette came to visit for several hours, this morning I got my 'vitality check' for out insurance (down 10 pounds!) and in unrelated drama, a new tire on the van, Austin got to spend the night and we hung out at the park with Gina and Bobby!  We need to leave town more often!

A few photos!

The boys tried to balance on a see-saw.  For about 20 minutes.  They kept sliding off and falling off and when one went off, the other topped as well, often slamming into the ground first. 
I hope Austin can still walk tomorrow.

Kind of!

Chan sat on the swing trimming leaves with her safety scissors...

Afterward, we all went to Dairy Queen for an ice cream and this sign caused me some amusement and then reflection. 

One of the many advantages of living on a large parcel of private property out in the boonies is that I can walk a couple miles each evening in the driveway.  And this evening I wore shorts and a tank top, a bath robe and fleece socks.  Rock out.

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