Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Another 21 miles, we are doing 5+ miles a day!  60 miles to go for the month!

We have hiked at Pea Island, walked the beach, climbed the lighthouse and the dunes at Jockey's Ridge, walked all over Kitty Hawk and there's more walking coming up!

The vacation is going well, we are sticking to our budget and Matt FINALLY got the money back he spent on the last business trip yesterday.  Just nearly a month after the trip.  Grrrr.  The van is having no issues-well there was one.  The brakes were smoking in the mountains!  I just got work done on them about 2 weeks ago and Mr. Holmes put grease on the rotors because they stick.  Between that and the brake pad/rotor fit working itself out and coming down from 6,000 feet there was a little drama!  It's been so flat since we passed the last round of hills leaving Ashville that it has not been an issue at all.  Oh, and I drained the battery the first night on the island by leaving a flashlight plugged in to charge overnight.  Oops. 

The kids seem to be enjoying themselves.  We went to an aquarium today and Jake had a little angst, he does not like aquariums.  He was a general pill until we left, but had a great time all day.  There are times I'd like to kick his hiney.  We had lunch at Taco Bell, which only helped things-though they did not have chicken burritos!  It was a KFC/TB combo and he got fries and a soft taco.  He was so thrilled, it was the first thing he told Evan about when we got back.

From our walk at the wildlife Refuge

One of many walks along the beach

 From the top of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Dune walkover

From our walk at Pea Island

We have more exploring planned as well as some down time to just hang out and be at the beach.  We got our fitbugs in last Thursday and have been doing 10,000 steps a day nearly every day so far!

It's been interesting being away from home but in a house and not a tent or Poppy or even a hotel room.  This house is a workout all on its own-6 levels and stairs everywhere.  I have seen about 10 houses out here I would like to live in forever, but this is not one of them!  hahaha  It's great for the week though, but I am looking forward to my own little one-level hacienda when this trip is over.

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