Monday, October 1, 2012

100 Mile Challenge!

I issued a 100 mile challenge today to walk or bike 100 miles in the 31 days of October.  I had one 'maybe' response.  Oh well.  Maybe I should have made it 100 miles before the end of December.  Slackers.  ; )

At any rate, I will tag this post and all the rest with our progress as '100'.  Matt and I decided today we would try to get 100 miles in on our 2 week vacation later in the month, but I think 31 days instead of 14 is a more likely goal.  Any extra is just bonus.

Speaking of bonus, we earned enough points via our insurance hoops to order 2 Fitbugs plus a year's usage for free!  They should hopefully be in this week and that will just add to our insanity for a little while.  They are basically pedometers with a usb cable that we can upload once a week or so to the insurance website and earn MORE points for 'verified workout'.  Yay! 

Off to walk our first miles off!

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