Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's Not the End of the World...

First, happy/sad news!  Famous has been adopted by a wonderful furever family!

On Friday, we had everyone over for lunch and a dirty Santa gift exchange. 

We opted for a Mexican themed lunch this time, I actually have a huge turkey and all the trimmings but it was agreed that everyone was going to at least one traditional holiday meal, so let's do our own thing for our holiday gathering.  There was so much food, I go overboard all on my own and then everyone comes with drinks and snacks and sides and so on.  We had more desserts than dishes, I made a pumpkin pie dessert bar that never made it out!  We found it today, but no one was hungry.  hahaha!


 I did not take pictures of the food or...anything else.  I did snap a couple during the gift game, trying to get everyone in a shot, but there's no way.  See Chan's aqua hair?  We redid it Thursday night so it would be darker, the color fades really fast!

 I won this hat, and I was so excited to get it, despite the fact that I have crocheted about 60 this fall.  Then, Jake saw it and suddenly it was HIS hat.  I did get 5 redbox rental codes out of the deal, but I liked that hat...

These guys are HUGE!  Where did our kids go?

Inde and I get struck by the same thought.  Likely "Gosh, I'm so adorable!"

Gina and her kids stayed over last night (along with scruff dog and rat dog) and we attempted to stay up all night, but crashed sometime around 1.  Matt woke us up at 4:30 and we stumbled around getting ready and headed out the door just after 5 with both girls.  Cody totally denied knowing anything about this crazy plan to get up and see the sun rise, so Jake said he would stay home with him.  Turns out he had an easy run of things, Cody was back asleep before we left and still sacked out when we got back 5 hours later!  hahaha!  Ben had gone home with Alex the night before.

We had a great time, the bonfire was perfect-we kept warm enough in the 20 degree air to stay out and watch the breaking dawn.  Katy had about 20 different kinds of breads and juice, Matt and Gina loaded up on coffee, but that stuff will stunt your growth.  I had 2 glasses of OJ in an attempt to wake up.  And some doughnut holes.  After the sun was up, we all visited for a while and hung out in the toasty living room.  Then it was time to head home!  We stopped by the library on our way through town and by the time we pulled into the yard, I was zonked.

Matt went to bed as soon as Gina headed home with her sleepy crew, I stayed up a little longer, with some delusional but still grand plans to 'do something' before I realized, nothing NEEDED doing.  I crashed hard for a few hours, Matt slept nearly the entire day, over 9 hours.  He's mad at me for letting him sleep.  Gah.  I told him to get a snack and brush his teeth, we are going back to bed.  The kids are sound asleep, it will be interesting to have them up and bushy-tailed tomorrow, maybe we can get in a good hike!  I need to burn off some Mexican food and doughnut holes!

Alex is smaller than Ben, but not THAT much, it's an illusion, he's downhill and further away, here it looks like he's at least a foot shorter than he really is!

Cathy and Lakota came over, which was a nice surprise.  Cathy is heading off next month to do travel nursing and while I am really happy she's going to see some new things and new places, I got all weepy as she left today.  I told Matt he better go hug her again, he may not see her after this!  It hit home, one of 'us' is leaving, she has no long-term plans to come back, either.  We have not seen her much at all this year, but for the past few years we have camped together and had such good memories, I hate that she won't be part of those any more, I miss her already.  : (

We are headed back to bed, who knows what tomorrow brings, for once I have not planned all of our time.  Matt is off until the 2nd, we have to be here the 27th for him to be available to work from home for a few hours to finish out the shipping for the year, if there are any issues that crop up that is.  Other than that-wide open.  Hurrah! 

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