Sunday, December 2, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Ben's 13th birthday was Saturday, we had friends over Friday for lunch and Emily and Zachary stayed overnight and they played ALL day Saturday.  Later this week, Alex is coming to hang out a couple nights and today he hung out with Alex and Elan, so he's had a glut of buddies, which is just what he wanted.

 We met Kurt and Katy and their 4 kids and Sammy and Amanda and their 4 kids at Hurricane Creek around 11 today and spent the afternoon meandering 2 miles along the trails before enjoying about an hour or so of climbing around on the walls and then we all headed to eat dinner.  It was a lovely day, the weather was perfect for being outside, got us all talking about camping...

Kurt found this metallic petrified foot, it was truly a bizarre thing to look at, we are guessing it's brake pad build up from a train that eventually fell off, it was layers of shavings around a core with a totally flat bottom.

John has redone the climbing walls again, he was setting up a couple new routes today while we were there, so everyone had to give them a go.

 Kurt's helping out Matt by pointing out the next place to put his hand or foot to stay on the route.  Orange is hard and pink is harder.

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