Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nearly Over

Today was a pretty good day, I spent the first 3 hours of the day chatting with Gina, then had a nap and got up and had a 7 mile walk.  On the way home we FINALLY dropped off  the recycling.  It was practically the entire hatch of the van crammed full, more than what we take on a 2 week vacation.  Ack.  More stuff, not more recycling.  No one takes their recycling on vacation, that's freakish.

Today we hit Bean...something Road over on the Refuge property.  Keep in mind-cause I had NO idea-that they allow hunting right there by the freaking hiway, but not on Sunday.  Gina asked if it had to do with Jesus and I imagine it does, as we are in the South and that's a consideration when making laws.  WWJD?  Not hunt on Sunday, I reckon.

It's 3.35 miles to the dead end, I was hoping for a full 5 miles.  There are no roads that branch off it, either.  Just one long winding road and then you long and wind right back to where you parked.  Matt parked us on a ravine with one tire hanging off the edge.  I was pretty sure the van was going to flip and he scoffed, I am telling you all now-when I die from a flipped van, I WILL have told him it was about to flip and it will be his fault.  I don't think he feels the pull of the earth the way I do and therefore is immune to gravity. 

We met Gina at the Refuge Visitor Center and ran in to verify that we are hiking on 'okay to hike on' roads.  Our last walk, there were some signs saying no trespass and we verified they were to keep us out of the fields, not off the roads.  They had been turned sideways.

Them's fake ducks!

This creepy guy was following me and Gina around ALL DAY.

I was playing with the different filters and still had it set to sepia when the sunset came into view.

Matt went off to find a cache and I took about 20 pictures of myself.  I thought I should post at least one of them, the rest are in sepia.  hahaha
On the drive home, we got to have a good talk, clear the air about a few things that had been knocking around in my skull.  After we got in, Matt heated and seasoned the leftover turkey (some of it anyway) and we had turkey taco salad and I had a long bath.  Tomorrow we are headed to Cane Creek Canyon.

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