Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall 1: Work Weekend 2

This weekend we got the old tile out of the shower and Matt patched the hall bathroom floor, replaced the leaking faucet and water valves in the hall sink and sealed around the tub.  I put down new grout and tomorrow I am going to reseal the tiles and grout in both bathrooms.  Matt put fresh cement in the shower floor, when it was redone before we moved in, the floor was below the drain opening.  I tiled the bottom and we used it for years.  Over time from wear and cleanings, the tiles were getting discolored and the grout could not hold up, water was getting between the tiles and there was no way for it to drain out-so there was mildew ALL the time.  It looks SO much better in there and cleaner, too.

The sink was a surprise, we thought just one part was leaking and bought that one part and then discovered the whole faucet was leaking and the water valves and the lines, there was a cracked fitting cost a small bundle that was not in the budget.  I would still rather have a budget than just guess at everything, but it stinks when things crop up like that to wreck it.

This morning I woke up coughing and it was my 'new' cough which involves lots of gasping and Matt freaked out.  I was at the walk-in clinic by lunch.  I have walking pneumonia and some kind of bronchial something. They wanted to give me SHOTS and a chest x-ray.  I am on meds and have to go back in a week for blood tests, chest x-ray and shots if I am not breathing any better-he made lots of 'hrm' noises listening to my lungs and feeling my neck.  He and the nurse practitioner looked in my ears for about 30 seconds each and swapped significant looks.  Looks like 'that may be an opossum in there'.  And they both made noises about my throat, I left feeling like I may be secretly more sick than I thought. That was only $25 and $10 for my meds, then another $20 for probiotics and yogurt.   I think it's adult onset asthma myself.  It's not just coughing, if I talk more than 2-3 minutes in one go, I get totally winded and my voice just goes away and I have to wheeze a while.  I imagine I will be back in there Saturday for more poking.  I am bummed, I need to be healthy fast.

Okay, other than finishing painting the front of the house, which is Jake's project and I just have to be here to help, my goals this week are finishing the round of meds and being 100% better by Friday.  I want to get the shower floor sealed and new shower curtain up.  I want to have a great camping trip-6 teens, that should be interesting!  I guess I need to get my camping gear in order, menu planned and shopping done for that. Like...tomorrow.  Ack.  Come on meds, kick in!  My final goal is to pick up my camera and shoot some pictures.  I have taken seven all month.  Seven.  It's the 22nd already.

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