Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tapetum Terror

And other events.

Let's see, the camping trip went great, the kids got so much work done at the park, I was very proud of them all.  Today is Park's last day, hopefully not forever but certainly for this season.  He worked twice as hard as any of us, doing the bulk of the actual 'work' and having to keep us organized and motivated and where we were the most help.  I think left to our own devices, we'd still be throwing rocks in the creek.

We are so badass.  The whole trip is blogged at the camping site.
Jason, Jake and Brit failed to get the 'we are smiling in this shot' memo.
We built this wall in FIVE hours!
It's a platform for the climbing route.

We picked up this old trash from a section of new trail.

And this trash we got out of Grundy Lake

And finally we put in this 25 foot bridge support plus leveled and squared the supports and got those in place.
AND we had to haul the wood back to the build site!

I ran out of steroids Friday morning so by Saturday night, I was back to wheezing like crazy and gasping for air.  Back to the doc, longer round of steroids and a script for Claritin.  That's going to screw up my blood test this week for our insurance, but between having low blood sugar count and breathing, I'll take breathing, thanks.  Matt pointed out that the next blood test when I am magically non-diabetic again, I will get points for taking charge of my personal health.  hahaha.  It's SO stupid, all the hoops.

Tonight I was feeling WAY better, and though I weighed in a pound less today than last Sunday at the doctor's, I wanted to get some exercise to help ward off the potential steroid chubby that 3 weeks might induce.  So, we went for a walk here on the driveway, back and forth so that when my energy crashed, I could just go inside.  We had on headlamps and had 3 cats and 3 dogs with us.  As we walked, we could see hundreds of green dots in the grass along the side of the road and they were all spider eyes!  Tapetum is that shiny stuff that makes an animals eyes glow at night.  Nia kept hiding or maybe just running off to play in the grass and we would see the tiny spider dots and her two HUGE eyes bounding toward us, then Kuma got in on it and finally 2 of the cats.  They were so scary, shiny eyes popping out from the side of the road.  I lasted all of a mile before I was done for.  Between all the eyeballs and the cats dear love of running JUST ahead and then collapsing in the road so you have to not step on them 10 times in 20 feet, it's back to the track for me until I redevelop cat amnesia.

Hoping for a VERY low-key and easy-going week so I can get back on my feet, 5 weeks is long enough for this crud to affect every moment of my day!  If the fall allergy season is this bad, I dread winter.  The kids want to do another play, they always get sick in the winter plays, all those PS kids are just crawling with germs.  Oh well, no need to borrow trouble, they have not even auditioned yet.

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