Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hack hack

Ben started it 3 weeks ago with a horrible cough.  By the time we were back from Tennessee, Chan had it and in a day or two, so did I.  The doc said allergies-post nasal drip to be exact.  Something has us making snot, THAT'S for certain.

At first, it killed my appetite, then as the weekend hit, I started coughing any time I ate anything.  Coughing until I throw up.  The last thing I have kept down was a cantina bowl from Taco Bell that I had Friday with Amanda and her kiddos.  Since then, even applesauce triggers a hacking fit.  So,  I have been drinking blueberry kefir and V8 smoothie in tiny sips.

I have tried so many allergy and cold medications that my face feels like it belongs to someone else.  I brush my teeth and I can't FEEL the toothbrush.  But my nose is still going nuts, Ben still has his cough-though not as bad any more.  Chan is still going strong, I can tell the second she wakes up-she heralds the day with a bout of hacking.  Her eyes are watery, too.  Mine might be if I had any interest in looking in a mirror.

The worst of it is how WEAK I feel.  I know it's low blood sugar, but my usual chores leave me panting and my head pounding.  And I am sore from head to toe.  That's likely dehydration.  BLAH, I say.  BLAH.  My tennis elbow is acting up and I have not done anything more athletic than hold my Nook.  :(  I am really tired of feeling crappy.

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