Sunday, November 3, 2013


Chan has been scarce, it's Nanowrimo month and I doubt I will see her until early December unless there's need for transport or feeding.  She's at rehearsals now, the play is in 5 weeks. I keep waiting for Suzette to go insane like every other director we have had.  But she's hanging in there and doing a good job all around.

The kids go in 2 weeks to audition for the next play they have decided they want to be in.  Thankfully, of course I mean unfortunately, the whole year has gone by without them being really interested in being in another play.  I know they really enjoy performing, but it's not their life's blood.  I think they just like being part of something and hanging out with other kids.  The behind the scenes dramatics and other kids being nice and then not nice-or flat ignoring them upsets all three of them.  Playing favorites and typecasting and letting certain kids get away with crap attitudes, it's like a zoo sometimes-or like public school.  If you are not an alpha, you are nothing and the unfairness of it eats at them.  Plus, the germs flying around and the silly crushes and the 'he said she said' makes the couple of minutes on stage not really worth it.  But they have had a long break away from the drama of the theater and are ready to at least try out.  Nothing saying they will even be cast.

I have been super busy with the house, getting things done, making my lists, hiding from ladybugs.  The Lackeys came to spend the night Halloween-it rained all night.  We stayed up watching scary movies (Gina brought us a little TV/DVD combo they were getting rid of!) and they headed out the next morning.  That night Chan went to a carnival with them and we have not seen her since.

I worked in the house most of the weekend, now both bathrooms have fresh caulk, repaired grout and are sealed with the 5-year stuff.  I have it marked to do again in 3.  All we need now is the new trim and a fresh coat of paint. I bought a bright blue and turquoise shower curtain for the hall, I think I am going to ignore the gray floor and go super bright.  That's what rugs are for, anyway.

Today I was ready to get out and stretch my legs, so we went for a quick hike at Hurricane Creek.  The fall colors are just amazing, I am surprised because it is REALLY dry.  Usually that means loads of dull yellow leaves that quickly go dull brown and fall off.  The climb out, I swear, nearly KILLED me.  I am not fully over this bout of pneumonia and it felt like someone was pressing my chest the whole walk and that rib I cracked a couple months back is still aching like I have been kicked.  If I had not just SAILED through a stress test, I would worry about my heart!  I can do 45 minutes on a treadmill with the incline going up and down and barely break a 100 heart rate.  I am not out of shape, I am out of breath capacity.  I SO want to be all well.

This cracked me up. 

He does this in the kitchen doorway.  Grabs it flips up and touches his feet on the ceiling.  I panic EVERY time.

One legged GeoSquatch
The week ahead is looking happily hassle free.  Painting and cleaning, I have a list.  I will probably be back on here by Tuesday afternoon bitching about how boring painting and cleaning are.  hahaha.  I wish I had some magic way to get the cabinet fronts all clean without scrubbing.   I need some kind of laser thingie.  Just zap it.  I tried using the new mop on them when I was scrubbing the floor last week, but it did not really help, I am going to have to actually apply some effort.  *sigh*

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