Saturday, November 23, 2013


I have not been posting much because I have been internalizing most of what I am thinking and there's been little left to share.

We have been on the go this week, Huntsville twice for dental things and seeing friends, getting food and books.  Birmingham for dance class, a couple of play dates.  I think they are called something else when everyone involved is over 10.  Hangouts maybe.

Anyway, here are a few shots from dance.  This week was warm enough that the moms sat at the little toddler play area outside the activity building where the dance class is held, so I could see the kids through the window.  I know I hold them in high esteem, but gosh-they are getting pretty good already!

I blurred 5E and 1E because their mama is not keen on them being online, but how adorable is it that baby boy lined right up, and with Ben?  eeeep, he's so cute!  He knows everyone's name and calls out to them, EXCEPT when he sees me.  He beams so sweetly and then looks over my shoulder and calls, "Matt!?"  Matt calls him 'mini matt'.
So, that's the week.  Matt is working from home today, I have stuffed shells in the oven that will be done in 10 more minutes.  I am off to make a salad and salvage what we can of the morning, he has to head out to practice this afternoon.

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