Friday, January 31, 2014

Ghost Towns

I swear, Alabama is SO BORING.  First, it's freaking cold here, which is not what I signed on for.  Matt was talking about South Dakota the other day and I told him he'd have to commute to work there because I am not leaving.  But now I am starting to wonder if it would be so bad there, I mean, it's EIGHT DEGREES this week here.  Can it even get colder than that?  Don't tell me.

Next thing about my boring state is that I have a child who wants badly to ramble around in an abandoned building.  All the ghost hunter movies where people in abandoned buildings get their heads yoinked right off have not deterred her.  After pinning down several people at a recent party and demanding they locate a hobo-free building I won't get arrested for visiting, I came back with a list-which I have systematically worked through and crossed off every suggestion.  Damn renovations, THANKS, BIRMINGHAM.  Way to, you know, revitalize the downtown and stuff.  (You gotta love Deb, she offered to let us walk through their chicken house-it's empty.)

I opted to just look up ghost towns instead.  Okay, a 'ghost town' to me is a row of creaky old buildings, a saloon and bank, a church and yes, a hitching post or at least a well.  'Ghost town' to everyone else means 'there used to be a town near here, now there's a really weedy cemetery'.  I LIVE in a listed ghost town.  It's not very exciting.  And there's no cemetery.  But there is a well.

So, where to next?  I sent e-mails and FB messages to various people living out of state.  I am hoping road trip.  The reality will probably be-Deb's chicken house.

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