Monday, January 26, 2015

Green Mountain, AirWalk, 1st Ave Rocks

Our weekend was not as busy as planned, Friday it rained all day and we watched a couple movies and Saturday Matt and I ran errands all afternoon including test driving various used cars and one 2 year old mutt.  Didn't take any of the cars, but the dog might be a go.  Going to have an overnight soon to see how Nia likes her.  She's VERY shy-not Nia, the other dog.  She's been abused, she had puppies very young, she's had a hard life.  She's been living with a very nice older man who has done nothing but love and pet her since the first of November.  She's physically healed and is super sweet, but I am afraid Nia will beat the crap out of her!  Or, for that matter, the cats.  Ack.  Nia needs a rough and tumble dog, she loves to wrestle and jump around being terrifying.  One thing is for sure, she needs a friend, that dog is depressed.  She's SO sad, we still can't even say 'Kaiju' around her, she darts up and then lays back down and sighs.  It's breaking my heart!

Sunday we headed out for a walk around Sky Lake up on Green Mountain with Katy and her crew.  That was about 20 degrees colder than I thought it would be, hahaha!  Ran into Kelley that I graduated with, so now I have a new Facebook Friend!  I have not seen her in 23 years.  That's cray.

Chan and Chan Jr.  

How scary is that?

We had dinner at Taziki's with everyone and picked up goodies at Fresh Market!  Not a bad afternoon!

Monday, I promised Ben we'd go to AirWalk AND rock climbing.  He's missed a couple weeks and has been really bummed. I posted about going and Katy opted to drive down and go with us!  We met Melanie and her Ben there and the kids had a blast.

AirWalk has the same deal as Shakalaka-$5 per homeschooler for an hour of 'flight time' any time school is in session.
It's less than half the size of Shakalaka, but has three bonus things.  1.  A really cool touch-screen drink machine that takes debit  2. massage chairs in the observation area and 3. they don't mind the younger kids making things out of the foam blocks.

Story of my life.  haha

We went to Jason's Deli for lunch and then over to 1st Ave Rocks for a couple hours of climb time.

Chalk Buns!
There were some breaks for aching hands, that's hard on their little hands to hold the wall so long

Inde  I mean Stephanie enjoyed climbing with the harness, she is SUCH the imp.

Loads of fun, but they were ready to head out.

Ben went home with Katy and they stopped at her Alma Mater to walk around on campus.  Chan was ready to get home-provided we arrived there with cheesecake.

It was a lovely sunset!!

I did get cheesecake for the girl, though she went to bed without eating it.  Which makes me feel sad for the cheesecake...I should just go check and see how it's doing.

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