Thursday, January 22, 2015

Guntersville Museum and the Week

Started watching The Bridge in the original Swedish and Danish.  SO different from the Americanized version, but check out that last name up there.  Saga Nor&#233.  I can't even begin to pronounce that!

We have had some lovely sunsets of late.  This is out my bedroom window.

We have been home for a few days.  Saturday Matt dropped a tree on his hand and though it ended up being a fairly minor injury, the initial panic left him exhausted.  It took all 4 of us to get the tree off his hand, one finger was caught fast. He was in major pain and it took a few minutes to get the tree shifted.  I have rarely been so scared, I was certain he'd crushed it to the point of amputation.  He kept screaming and screaming.  When he got free, I thought he was having seizure from the shock making him shake so hard.

After we looked at it, which took a while to work up the nerve, it looked skinned a little and that was it.  I am not saying it did not hurt, but I am pretty sure the 'worst' of the experience was being trapped and that amplified everything else that happened.  I know he had some flashbacks or some 'what if' moments that night, poor guy.  We actually hand cut more wood Sunday and burned all the debris from the area we have been cutting trees down near the barn, hauling up smaller branches to the burn pile in the yard.  That took the whole day and netted just a little wood, the bigger tree Matt dropped is still laying there...

Monday the kids and I knocked out some personal projects and house stuff.
Tuesday bright and early, the guys were here to put in the central unit.  They were done well before lunch, it's amazing how quickly and painlessly that all went.
The kids and I spent the day on the Wii!  About 2 years ago, Matt redid some wiring and blew out everything that was plugged in to that relay-TV, dvd player, Wii, the stove.  I forget what all, but Jake had unplugged the Wii from the cords and it was fine, but the cords were fried.  We finally go around to spending the $17 for new cords (I know, crazy) and set that up.  FUN!  I kicked butt bowling and amazed them all by falling off places in Mario Kart that they did not know were ledges.  I am SO very bad at racing games!

I spent 2 hours in Animal Crossing for the first time in 2 years.  That was just as pleasant as always, I love a relaxing stroll around the town!

By Wednesday we were ready for some fun time, so we headed out to Guntersville Museum to check out the shadowbox display.  I sent out a head's up and Amanda and Sunni opted to join us.

This is the view from the restroom.  I squealed when I went in, it was SO lovely and bright!

The museum is free, it's at the old armory building at 1215 Rayburn Ave
They have Guntersville history via Native American artifacts found in Marshall County and they have info about the dam and the lake as well as a display about the Wyeth family, who have roots in the town.

The temporary exhibit is shadowboxes, which is what I mostly wanted to see.

I really wanted this one!  It was $169 though.
And to be honest, his face does not line up.  That would drive me nuts.

Afterward we went to lunch and then walked on the greenway along the lake to the playground.

They leaned in to make it spin faster, but I liked the way they looked crafty...

It's supposed to say 'Project Knowledge' but Chan blocked that bit.  Still, Chan and the trees, both established in 1998!  Baby Girl will be 17 in just over 2 weeks, it just blows my mind that they are perched on the brink, I want to yank them back so badly.

In other news, Matt's buddy from work, Bill, had a major heart...thing over the weekend.  Not an attack, there's no blockage, but the muscle is very weak.  They thought pneumonia, but that has been ruled out though there is fluid in his lungs and he was on oxygen a while, but just a CPAP type thing now.  His kidneys quit working and they did dialysis Monday and then again tonight.  He's not responding much.  Matt is stressed about that just in general and then because it's so well known they are close friends, he get asked all KINDS of stuff and when he does not know, they want him to call Bill's wife.  He won't do it.  I don't blame him. Betty from accounting really has no business needing his white blood cell count.  He's getting flack for that-he's exhausted.  He came in from work all week ready to go to bed by 8. It's still iffy if he will even live and Monday, Bill was supposed to move to a new project that was going to allow Matt to be moved up with a promotion AND a raise and now that's all back burner again while Matt does both of their jobs.  I feel badly complaining when it's someone's actual life on the line, but that promotion has been dangled like a carrot for 3 years now and it was just about to happen.  Now that they have Matt doing both jobs for what he's already being paid, no one will push to change things.  I think he just got screwed over at work.  Again.

His plan for if I go in the hospital is to tell everyone I died right off the bat.  So, fair warning.

This weekend is shaping up well, next week we have several things planned-I am determined to take advantage of this warmer weather!  I know it won't last.

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