Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Got the news last night, Nettlevan has been declared a total loss.  Matt is going at lunch today to get the check for what's left of her value after the deductible.  Then he's going by after work to get the rest of our stuff out.  I will never see her again, or get to thank her for her years of taking us everywhere. Or say goodbye. I feel SO awful, for the van, for myself, for the other guy involved.  For our budget.

What bad timing and selling Poppy is no longer optional-I don't have any way to haul her now.  So she's leaving us.  Even the pasture-the reason I named our homeschool 'Northfield Academy'-is filling in with trees and disappearing.  If something happens to Kat or Jessie soon, I may just lose it altogether. Jake's graduated, Chan is set to in December. This chapter is closing and it was so beautiful, I don't want to turn the page.

I had intended to do a series of photos of the van over the years, but...I would rather just send my thanks out into the Universe, for 8 years of fun and adventures in all kinds of weather, for hauling around us and our friends and our dogs and our camping gear, for never getting stuck someplace scary, for getting us there and back again without fail thousands of times.  (Yes, I have seen the Bill Nye clip about the 'universe' but if I want to believe being grateful for something is worthwhile, I will.)

We went to the Smokies and Tellico Plains several times, the Outer Banks, Florida 6 times (2 of those were Disney trips!), Savannah twice, St, Louis, D.C, Oklahoma, drove the Blue Ridge Parkway end to end, 17 states, zillions of errands, and 19 camping trips with friends plus many, many family trips.

Thank you, old friend.  I loved it all.

The remnants of the van.  LOOK at all the sporks.  I may have a condition.  CD's for a CD player that stopped working 4 years ago, 2 umbrellas that I SWEAR were not actually IN the van-though I was aware of the beach umbrella.  Tape, Disney pins, the gate card for Fort Wilderness, 2 first aid kits, THREE different bundles of paracord, 7 flashlights, 6 containers of is a good thing I was forced to see my hoarding issues.  Hopefully I can mend my ways.

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